ROOKE: World Economic Forum Ramps Up Calls For ‘Comprehensive Transformation’ Of Food Supply

Photo by FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images

Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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The World Economic Forum (WEF) continues on its path of decarbonization, with its current focus on the world’s food supply.

The draconian organization founded by German engineer Klaus Swab wants to create a “comprehensive transformation” of how humans eat to combat climate change caused by the world’s growing population. The group says that while the renovation of the industrial food industry is already underway, it’s time for a “radical overhaul of the process,” or “reinvention,” to reach their carbon goals, starting with the type of protein we eat.

“A great example of Reinvention is alternative proteins. These sustainable replacements for dairy, meat, fish and eggs can reduce animal husbandry’s carbon, water and soil intensity, while meeting the growing demand for low-cost, nutrient-rich foods. Some alternative proteins rely on plant-based, cultured and precision fermentation, while other companies have even begun to use synthetic-biology proteins,” the WEF reported. (ROOKE: Horrifying Illegal Migrant Crime Exposes Falsehood Of Left-Wing Narrative)

Even more problematic than the industrialized goop they plan on feeding us in the future is their push to use AI technology to determine an individual’s dietary needs. The WEF calls this initiative “personalized nutrition.” On its face, the WEF seems interested in ensuring we eat foods based on our individual nutritional needs. However, they state that using AI technology to determine how much food someone can consume helps “enabl[e] sustainable new dietary habits.”

“Personalized nutrition can also minimize food waste by matching individuals with meal plans that use ingredients efficiently and effectively, reducing the overall environmental impact of food production and disposal,” the WEF states.

They not only want you to eat industrialized food slop instead of real meat, but their ideal world would allow for an intelligent computer system to determine how much food you eat rather than allowing self-control.