Dakota Johnson Keeps Cool During Wardrobe Malfunction On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

(Photo by Marleen Moise/Getty Images)

Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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Dakota Johnson kept her cool during a wardrobe malfunction in the Wednesday episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Johnson experienced a slight wardrobe hiccup during her appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Wednesday night, but handled the situation with composure and humor. The actress was on the show to discuss her new film “Daddio,” co-starring Sean Penn, when the unexpected incident occurred.

After returning from a commercial break and a preview of her upcoming movie, host Jimmy Kimmel alerted Johnson to the fact that her dress had come unhooked. The camera returned to a wide shot showing Johnson clutching the detached metal strap of her black dress.

“Should I get some scotch tape?” Kimmel asked Johnson.

Johnson, maintaining her poise, responded with a mix of surprise and amusement.

“My dress just … it just fell off,” she said. Kimmel commented on the dress still hanging in place, then Johnson replied, “Well, I’ll just hold it,” and continued the interview with grace.

The interaction didn’t stop there. As Johnson kept a watchful eye on the broken strap, Kimmel quipped, “Just hold the important part.” In a response, Johnson cheekily covered her chest, eliciting laughter from the audience. She quickly redirected the focus back to her film and said, “The movie is really good.” (RELATED: ‘The Worst Time Of My Life’: Dakota Johnson Dishes On Her Short Stint In ‘The Office’)

Throughout the rest of her interview, the “Fifty Shades of Grey” star managed the situation with ease, occasionally adjusting her dress, which remained in place.