‘I Hate Them’: Transgender Person Admits To Killing His Own Parents, Police Say: REPORT

(Photo by ODD ANDERSEN/AFP via Getty Images)

Remso Martinez Contributor
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Mia Bailey, a transgender person who was born male with the legal name of Collin Troy Bailey, has been arrested in connection to the deaths of the suspected individual’s parents Gail and Joseph Bailey, according to KSL 5.

The Utah-based couple was found dead in their home Tuesday evening after one of the couple’s sons, the suspect’s brother, notified police of the sound of gunshots in the vicinity. As officers entered the home, they found the Bailey’s dead. (RELATED: Allegedly Transgender Suspect Appears To Run Down Houston Victim, Kissing And Stabbing Body Before Walking Away: Video)

Authorities said individuals near the scene of the crime saw Mia Bailey leaving the area shortly after the gunshots were heard, according to KSL 5.

St. George police followed Bailey’s trail for the areas of Bloomington Hills and Fort Pierce that day, eventually locating Bailey Wednesday morning. Police on the scene stated that when found, Bailey was possessing a firearm but did put the weapon down before surrendering. (RELATED: Police Charge Rapper Remy Ma’s Son With Murder)

Court documents filed after Bailey’s arrest since have stated that the suspect “openly admitted to killing her parents,” according to KSL 5. Additionally, information provided by the arresting officers in the documents also state that Bailey “no signs of remorse” regarding the killings.

“I would do it again,” Bailey said to the officers. “I hate them.”

The Daily Caller reached out to the St. George Police Department for additional information, but has received no response yet as of publication.