NCAA Reportedly Planning On Expanding March Madness By 4 Or 8 Teams, And I’m Totally Game For Some Extra Chaos

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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The Madness might get even more maddening!

College basketball has moved even closer to expanding the iconic March Madness tournament.

Division I conference commissioners were presented Wednesday by NCAA officials with at least two expansion models of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. According to the commissioners who told the information to Yahoo Sports, one model has four teams being added to the tourney, while the other has eight — I prefer the latter! (RELATED: LeBron’s Agent Says That The Self-Proclaimed King Could Leave Lakers Even If They Take His Son Bronny In The Draft)

Officials have not yet spoken publicly about the proposals.

Currently at 68 teams, the models look to expand the tournament to either 72 or 76 schools, and on top of that, we’d also have extra at-large selections included as well as another site for the First Four. If any expansion does go through, it would begin in the 2025-26 campaign at the earliest. Also, if the men’s tournament gets an expansion, the women’s version will likely see the same changes.

I see a little bit of hate and negativity towards a possible expansion, but I’m a little bit confused as to why.

I’m sure I’ll hear the “it won’t be as special to get in with too many teams” argument, but hell, I can easily throw back at you “more teams means more chaos.”

And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do: More teams means more chaos! Count me in for expansion!