‘Don’t Want To Underestimate Him’: Donald Trump Calls Biden A ‘Worthy Debater’

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called President Joe Biden a “worth debater” Thursday on “The All-In Podcast.”

Trump and Biden are set to face off in the first 2024 presidential debate hosted by CNN on June 27. Trump told podcast hosts Jason Calacanis, Chamath Palihapitiya, David Sacks and David Friedberg why he does not want to “underestimate” Biden during the 90-minute showdown.

“All I can say is this. I watched him with Paul Ryan, and he destroyed Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan with the water. He was chugging water outta left and right. I didn’t think a human being would be able to drink so much water at one time. And he beat Paul Ryan,” Trump commented. “So, I’m not underestimating him. It is what it is. Uh, we’ll see happens.”

“But you take a look at the last one, I happen to think he’s incompetent he’s incompetent for a lot of reasons,” Trump continued. “I think he’s incompetent because he’s gotten the worse policies, both foreign policy and internal policy. I mean, who would not want to have a wall? Who wants to have millions of people pouring in? Who wants to have high taxes? You know, taxes are gonna raise by four times if this guy has his plan.” (RELATED: Family Of Mother Allegedly Murdered By Illegal Migrant ‘Deeply Touched’ By Trump’s Outreach)

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan recently said Biden was a “different guy” during their 2012 vice presidential debate. Trump took aim at Ryan Wednesday on Truth Social, blasting the current  Fox News board member for being “very disloyal.” Trump also said Ryan is the reason why “nobody can trust Fox News.”

Trump responded that he “shouldn’t be the one to say that” when asked if he believes Biden is “in cognitive decline.” The Republican candidate remarked that he “didn’t think [Biden] was well 25 years ago.”

“I thought he was not a smart person, and that was told to me by a certain member of the Kennedy family who was actually very friendly with me through a Palm Beach relationship,” Trump said. “So, I was never a fan of his. But I will say, he beat, uh, he beat Paul Ryan — still, years ago. But he beat Paul Ryan pretty badly.”

“I assume he’s gonna be somebody that will be a worthy debater,” Trump said. “I don’t want to underestimate him.”

Trump’s campaign will have the final word in the debate, CNN announced Thursday. Biden’s campaign won the coin toss and decided that Biden’s podium will be positioned on the right side of television screens.