ESPN Offers Stephen A. Smith $18 Million Salary For New Deal, Way Short Of His $25 Million Expectations: REPORT

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Get the bag, Stephen A.! Get the bag!

As we all know, 56-year-old Stephen A. Smith is the face of ESPN and has been for a while, and the four-letter network would like to keep it that way — evident of the massive amount of money that they have offered Smith to get a new deal done. With that being said, what they’re offering is far off from what Smith wants.

According to a report Thursday from the New York Post, ESPN contacted Smith and made him an offer of five years, $90 million, which would see him with an annual salary of $18 million. But per Smith’s agency, William Morris Endeavor (WME), the media superstar is looking for a lucrative athlete’s deal worth a whopping $25 million — $25 million! To talk sports! You gotta love it! (RELATED: He’s Baaaccckkk! Dick Vitale Announces He’s Cancer-Free And Is Returning To ESPN This Fall)

ESPN, not shockingly, isn’t trying to pay that much money, but with Stephen A. being Stephen A., it’s hard to see them not fork out the green.

What are they gonna do? Let him go to FOX?

They’re not doing that.

I have zero doubt that Stephen A. Smith will get his bread.

This is the same guy who told OutKick’s Clay Travis that he was “chasing the bag” and that his goal was to be ESPN’s highest-paid talent.

“I look at whether it’s Pat McAfee, Mike Greenberg, Scott Van Pelt, Troy Aikman, Joe Buck, Kirk Herbstreit. The list goes on and on… I’m so honored to have the colleagues that I have and work with at ESPN every day,” said Smith. “But at the end of the day, it would be nice one day for this man to stand before everyone and say I am number 1, and this says I’m number 1.”

Get your money, Stephen A.! Don’t let Mickey Mouse play you for a fool!