Security Cam Footage Shows Man Beat Deli Worker Unconscious

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Fiona McLoughlin Contributor
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Security cam footage shows a man with green hair beating a deli worker unconscious in Queens, New York.

The incident occurred at the Sunnyside Mini Market Deli in Woodside, Queens, around 11:20 p.m., Monday night, according to the New York Post (NYP). The victim was reportedly knocked unconscious during the fight and suffered a broken nose and internal bleeding. He also lost a few teeth, the outlet reported.

In a video obtained by The Post, two men can be seen walking in the deli while one of them, with green hair, bumps into a worker near the counter. As the green haired man continues walking, he appears to be yelling, turning back to the man he bumped into. The victim appears to be saying something when the alleged assailant then appears to punch him in the face.

The victim can be seen swinging back. The alleged suspect then hits him again as the victim falls to the ground, repeatedly punching him. At one point, the alleged assailant can be seen lifting him up and throwing him.

A video posted to Twitter shows the fight from another angle. The green-haired man appears to continuously punch the victim before the victim crawls to a corner of the store. The alleged assailant can be seen kicking the victim in the face repeatedly as he appears to be unconscious.

One bystander can be seen walking out of the store, ignoring the situation at hand, while another man approaches the green-haired man while gesturing his hands towards the victim. (RELATED: Security Footage Appears To Show Restaurant Shootout Over Dollar Bill).

The man who attempted to intervene can be seen walking away as the man continues to kick the victim in the head. The alleged suspect then appears to yell something before exiting the store.

The victim was later identified as a 62-year-old man named Abdul, the NYP reported. He was taken to a local hospital after sustaining multiple injuries.

A fellow employee who visited Abdul in the hospital told The Post his co-worker was unrecognizable following the attack.

“Abdul lost all of his top teeth, has a broken nose and internal bleeding in his head,” the employee told the outlet.

Abdul reportedly doesn’t remember the incident and asked his friend, “Why is my face like this?” the outlet reported.

There have been no arrests made, according to the NYP.