Video Shows Two Men Running To Allegedly Steal The Same FedEx Delivery

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Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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A doorbell camera video captured two Pennsylvania men appear to be racing to steal the same FedEx package from a doorstep, TMZ reported.

The video begins with a FedEx delivery worker placing a package on a doorstep and taking a photo for confirmation before walking away, according to TMZ. Almost immediately, a man jumps out of a white car parked nearby, while another man exits a different vehicle directly behind it. The two then engage in a footrace to the package, reaching it simultaneously.

One of the men appears to swipe at the other with an object, speculated to be a weapon, effectively claiming victory over the package, the outlet reported. Not to be deterred so easily, the runner-up grabs a plant pot from the doorstep and chases after the thief in a last-ditch effort to retrieve the stolen item. (RELATED: FedEx Lost A Man’s Body Three Years Ago, But That’s Not The Weirdest Part Of The Story)

The altercation ends with both individuals leaving the scene in their respective cars, heading in the same direction. Kevin Lara, the homeowner and poster of the video, revealed that the package contained a pair of pricey phones from AT&T, according to TMZ.