Video Shows Boat Barreling Towards Beachgoers, Crashing Into Shore

Image not from story. Wikimedia Commons/Public/EdoDodo, CC BY-SA 3.0

Fiona McLoughlin Contributor
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A video obtained by WFLA News shows a boat barreling toward beachgoers before ultimately crashing into the North Carolina shore Saturday.

The incident occurred at Atlantic Beach in North Carolina around 7:00 p.m., near the Doubletree Hotel pier, according to WFLA News.

In a video posted by the outlet on Twitter, the boat appears to be speeding towards the shore, bouncing on the waves as it barrels toward the beach.

Beachgoers can be seen running away from the shore, trying to avoid the anticipated crash. The boat eventually collides with the shore, coming to a halt.

“It was a bizarre moment,” Emily Carr, who recorded the incident, told WFLA News.

“Shouldn’t they turn?” Carr reportedly said in the video she shared with the outlet. (RELATED: Dramatic Video Shows Seaplane Plow Into Boat, Injuring Two).

Carr told the outlet she warned people on the beach to move as she watched the incident unfold from a balcony. Carr said there were no people in the water at the time of the incident, WFLA reported.

The Atlantic Beach police said there were at least seven people aboard the boat, according to WFLA. Two people were hospitalized following the incident and are expected to be okay, the outlet noted.

Elaine Nichols recounted the incident to WFLA, expressing shock upon the realization that the boat was not coming to a stop, saying, “Holy crap, yeah, it’s not stopping.”

“We couldn’t believe what we were seeing,” Nichols told the outlet.

“The boat just kept coming, and it was coming fast,” Nichols told WFLA. “As it got closer and closer, it was definitely nerve-wracking.”

“Something I’ve never seen,” Carr told the outlet. “I’m 41 and grew up on the beach and been around boats my entire life and never seen anything like it. The last thing you expect to happen is a 48-foot sport fishing boat barreling toward the shore.”

The crash remains under investigation by NC Wildlife, WFLA reported.