EXCLUSIVE: Comer Presses Left-Wing Org Sued By Terror Victims For Allegedly Aiding Hamas

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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House Oversight Chairman James Comer pressed the American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) on Monday to cooperate with congressional oversight related to any possible funding of pro-Hamas propaganda and encampments on college campuses across the U.S.

The Daily Caller first obtained a copy of the letter, a follow-up to a letter Comer sent May 29 in which he said the committee would be conducting oversight of the funding sources for groups supporting “illegal encampments” on college campuses and “antisemitic rhetoric” that has erupted across the country for months. Israeli victims of Hamas’ Oct. 7, 2023, terror attack sued the group in May, alleging that they “knowingly provide continuous, systematic, and substantial assistance.”

“Survivors of Hamas’s October 7 terrorist attack, family members of those murdered by Hamas, civilians still under fire from Hamas’s ongoing terrorism, and persons displaced by Hamas’s ongoing terrorism have been, and continue to be, injured because AMP and NSJP knowingly provide continuous, systematic, and substantial assistance to Hamas and its affiliates’ acts of international terrorism,” the lawsuit stated.

The Wall Street Journal reported in May that protesters at universities across the country have consulted with groups like National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) and Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, in some cases resulting in months of training, planning and encouragement. NSJP is “founded and controlled” by American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), Comer’s letter said.

“I wrote you on May 29, 2024, seeking documents and communications related to National Students for Justice in Palestine (National SJP) and other records within your custody or the custody of American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), an organization for which you serve as Executive Director. Instead of working to accommodate my requests or producing any responsive documents to the Committee, your counsel has indicated that AMP will not accept my May 29, 2024, letter addressed to “National Students for Justice in Palestine, c/o Dr. Osama Abuirshaid, Executive Director, American Muslims for Palestine,” Comer wrote in the letter.

“Perhaps you believe this is a necessary course of action because such an admission could negatively impact AMP’s legal strategy in responding to a lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of Virginia. To avoid any further delay and alleviate any confusion on your part, please be advised that I am writing to you directly as the Executive Director of AMP and request yours and AMP’s prompt and voluntary compliance with the document requests reiterated below,” he continued. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Comer Targets Funding For Radical, Pro-Hamas Student Group Backing Campus Protests)

Here Is What Comer Calls For In The Letter: 

  • All documents and communications related to National SJP’s funding
  • All documents and communications related to any National SJP policy, procedure, or standard operating practice to conduct due diligence or otherwise ensure that funding received by National SJP complies with all relevant laws related to terrorist financing
  • All documents and communications related to the October 7, 2023, terrorist attack by Hamas, including, but not limited to, documents and communications related to National SJP’s public facing responses to the October 7, 2023, terrorist attack by Hamas
  • All documents and communications related to the promotion by National SJP of illegal activity or activity providing material support to terrorist organizations including, but not limited to, Hamas
  • All documents and communications, regardless of topic, created on or sent between October 6, 2023 – October 8, 2023, inclusive.


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“The Committee will continue to vigorously pursue information relevant to its oversight in this matter. Any knowing and willful false statements or representations made to the Committee in conjunction with this or any other investigation conducted pursuant to the authority of this Committee could constitute criminal acts and will not be tolerated,” Comer added.

Comer stated that if AMP fails to produce the requested documents, he “will consider other measures, including the use of compulsory process, to gain compliance and obtain this material.”