Pro-Life Song Shatters Country Music Records

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A song called “I Was Gonna Be” has shattered records by becoming one of the most listened-to country songs in the world.

The single ranked No. 5 on the iTunes charts after just two days of its release. The pro-life song was distributed under Chris Wallin’s record label, Baste Records, and continues to gain traction. The success of the song is also being tracked on a national level by iTopChart, placing as the fourth most-listened-to country song in America at the time of writing. The song is performed by 18-year-old Rachel Holt, and bears powerful pro-life messages from the perspective of an unborn, aborted child.

The lyrics include powerful phrasing, including, “The first thing I was gonna do/Was breathe and fall in love with you/But a couple of weeks before I saw the light/ Mine flickered out when you changed your mind.”

The stats on the song are solid, and demonstrate that after less than three full days of being released, “I Was Gonna Be” managed to reach first place on the list of most-played iTunes country videos, Holt posted online.

Ironically, the song nearly went unreleased.

Wallin admitted that he had no intention of releasing the single, in a recent interview with Breitbart.

“I started writing this song for myself. I didn’t think anyone would have the courage to sing this,” Wallin told the publication.

The song’s journey took form when Wallin met Holt, who immediately resonated with the song’s strong anti-abortion messaging, he told Breitbart. She immediately offered to voice Wallin’s lyrics, he reportedly add.

Wallin recalled Holt telling him, “‘I’m singing that song. I think a lot of the songs that girls my age listen to never talk about real life. And that’s what I want to do,'” according to Breitbart.

The singer, who holds traditional values near and dear, Wallin told Breitbart, breathed new life into the powerful pro-life lyrics, and the song took form. (RELATED: ‘None Of It Will Bring My Children Back’: Former Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones Tells Crowd She Regrets Her Abortions)

Holt gently sings lyrics such as “Some don’t believe I’m a living soul/Just a bad mistake that needs to go/If my mama could have just seen my face/Maybe she would have had me anyway.”

The song is showing no signs of slowing down, and continues to hold strong on the country music charts.