As Biden And Trump Bickered About Golf Handicaps, Here’s A Look Back To George W. Bush Showing World How It’s Done

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Presidential golf was the talk of the town last night during the debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, but nobody in the Oval Office will ever match the pure vibes of George W. Bush out on the links.

It’s been nearly 22 years since Bush delivered his iconic “we must stop the terror… now watch this drive,” line, and it’s all I could think about last night while Trump was calling out Biden’s ridiculous claim of being a six handicap during his vice presidency.

I’m sure a day out on the golf links with Donald Trump would be a good time. And golfing with Biden could even be entertaining in a morbid kind of way, watching him shuffle around the green like a goose looking for thunder. But if I could golf with any president ever, past or present, give me Dubya every time.  (Click HERE to sign up for Mr. Right’s weekly newsletter)

There’s just something pure America about delivering a strong response to terrorist bombings in the Middle East to a group of reporters, calling your shot, and then stepping up and piping a Big Bertha drive right down the center of the fairway. God Bless President Bush. God Bless Golf. God Bless America.


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