NYT Editorial Board Calling For Biden To Drop Out

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Jeff Charles Contributor
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The New York Times editorial board called for President Joe Biden to drop out of the presidential debate after a poor showing at Thursday night’s debate against former President Donald Trump.

This comes after Biden’s debate performance that has been widely panned by both the left and the right. The authors start by claiming November’s election will shape the future of democracy in America and argue Trump is a threat to the nation.

President Joe Biden failed to convince voters he is capable of continuing to serve in the White House as he was when he first took office, according to the article. The editorial discusses Biden’s obvious difficulties answering questions and countering Trump’s arguments performance on the debate stage. (RELATED: Dems Pull Every Excuse In The Book To Avoid Confronting Biden’s Abysmal Debate Performance)

The authors asserted other leaders in the Democratic Party would be better suited to defeat the former president in November. In such an important race, the editorial board believes gambling on Biden could end in disaster.

Polls and studies have shown that Democratic voters would rather have a younger candidate to take on Trump, the authors noted. However, authors contend there is still time to garner enough support for a new and younger leader to bolster the party’s chances of retaining control of the White House.