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ASHLEY HAYEK: Corporate Media Spent Years Building A House Of Cards Around Biden. It All Came Crashing Down Last Night

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Ashley Hayek Contributor
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Last night’s presidential debate highlighted a reality that many have been unwilling to confront: Joe Biden, the oldest candidate in the race, is no longer fit for the role of president.

His disastrous performance, marked by confusion and incoherence, laid bare the cognitive decline that has been evident for years. Yet, this is not just a story about an aging politician — it is a story about a media establishment that failed to hold the administration accountable. (RELATED: BRYAN LEIB: Trump’s Decisive Debate Victory Makes One Thing Crystal Clear)

We saw it happen just a few weeks ago. When video footage went viral of former President Obama leading a seemingly lost President Biden offstage during an event, the rush to dismiss it was on. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre led the charge for her media allies, saying videos like this “are cheap fakes video, they are done in bad faith and, and some of your news organizations have been very clear, have stressed that these right-wing, the right-wing critics of the president have a credibility problem because of the fact-checkers have repeatedly caught them pushing misinformation, disinformation.”

Her answer was astoundingly dishonest. The video wasn’t altered. It was very real. But establishment media didn’t push back at all. Instead, they took Jean-Pierre’s marching orders and covered up another display of Biden’s decline.

For years, the mainstream media has acted as a shield for Biden, spinning narratives to protect him from scrutiny. Whether it’s a viral video, speech or a bike ride gone wrong that shows Biden’s confusion and reliance on others for assistance, the media has always been there to stand in the way of the truth.

In reality, these videos accurately depict a man struggling with his faculties. The media’s complicity extends beyond merely ignoring these signs; they have worked to downplay and dismiss any evidence contradicting their narrative.

The media’s failure is not just in their coverage of Biden’s health. They have also been complicit in hiding the true impact of his administration’s policies.

The chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, which left American lives in danger and emboldened our enemies, was a direct result of Biden’s decisions. Yet, the media has largely glossed over these failures, opting to minimize the administration’s responsibility instead.

Economically, the situation is equally dire. The Biden administration’s policies have led to skyrocketing inflation and economic instability, hurting everyday Americans. Instead of critically examining these policies, the media has provided cover, attempting to spin these disastrous outcomes as minor setbacks or positive developments.

The media’s true goal is to ensure that someone who will push radical leftist policies can properly spin them and remain in office. They want a candidate who can put a positive spin on their failures and tell the American people that everything is fine. At the same time, the country faces economic hardship and international humiliation.

They are willing to put lipstick on a pig, but it remains a pig.

The Democratic Party is now in a state of panic. They realize Biden’s cognitive issues are too severe to ignore, yet they have no viable alternatives. (RELATED: FEC COMMISSIONER TREY TRAINOR: Replacing Joe Biden Wouldn’t Be So Easy)

Kamala Harris, chosen primarily for reasons of diversity, equity, and inclusion, has proven unelectable and lacks the broad appeal needed to unite the electorate. The party’s policies, championed by all its potential candidates, have consistently failed to address the real needs of Americans.

The time for media excuses and cover-ups is over. What we saw last night wasn’t just a collapse of Joe Biden.

It was the fall of the media’s house of cards, which they’ve worked so hard to build these last four years. Biden isn’t up for the job as president. Most of them knew it or just ignored it. Either way, the country has suffered a great deal because of it.

The American people deserve capable and truthful leaders and a media that holds those in power accountable. The Democrat Party and its media allies must confront the reality of Biden’s condition and the failures of their policies.

If they continue to hide the truth, they risk further eroding the trust and confidence of the American people, leading to greater disillusionment and division in the country.

Ashley Hayek is Executive Director of America First Works, former 2020 Trump Campaign Coalitions Director, and author of Beat the Elites.

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