‘Buckle Up’: Jill Biden’s Fmr Press Sec Says There’s ‘No Chance’ Of Replacing Biden Despite Admitting Debate Defeat

(Screenshot/Fox News/"Jesse Watters Primetime")

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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First Lady Jill Biden’s former press secretary Michael Larosa said Friday evening there’s “no chance” of replacing President Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee despite admitting defeat in the first debate this week.

Larosa appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss the first presidential debate between Biden and former President Donald Trump on Thursday evening. Following the debate, Democrats appeared to scramble as they called out Biden’s performance, with some questioning if the president would or could be replaced as the nominee. (RELATED: Dems Pull Every Excuse In The Book To Avoid Confronting Biden’s Abysmal Debate Performance)

However, during his interview with Fox host Jesse Watters, Larosa claimed that Democratic inner circles are not willing to push out Biden and called those who believe Biden should be out a “minority” of the party.

“No chance. No chance of replacing [the] president. I would never expect him to be replaced, that is not how parties work. The Republican Party rallied around Mr. Trump after his convictions. It’s the same thing here,” Larosa said.

“The party will not leave the leader of the party. It rarely ever happens, it won’t happen this time. So it’s kind of like a buckle up kind of feeling. There’s really nobody who said anything publicly, any elected officials, that they would like to see him replaced. Even if they did, it would be a minority.”

Just prior to saying that Biden is not expected to leave, Larosa admitted that the president “lost” the debate to Trump, explaining what Biden needed to do.

“It was a bad night, that’s what happened last night. You and I talked about what he needed to do. And I was very specific that it wasn’t really a focus on policy or memorizing stats. All he needed to do was show strength, show that he was agile, show that he could counterpunch, show that he could contextualize where we were when he inherited the White House and where we are now,” Larosa said.

“He wasn’t able to do any of those things. Look, I was a competitive swimmer for 17 years and I had one job and it was to touch the wall first. And if I didn’t, I lost. Last night my team lost. We lost the debate.”

During Biden’s performance, in which he froze mid-comment as well as falsely claiming that no U.S. troops died under his watch during the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, legacy media outlets rushed to claim that sources alleged Biden was suffering from a cold. However, left-leaning pundits called out the president’s low performance, with CNN’s Van Jones stating Democrats will now want to see Biden consider taking a “different course.”