‘You Have To Be So Deeply Embedded’: Piers Morgan Torches Pro-Biden Influencer For Sticking By Biden’s Debate Performance

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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British journalist Piers Morgan torched pro-Biden social media influencer Harry Sisson for sticking by President Joe Biden’s debate performance as he attempted to convince the panel that Biden had won the evening against former President Donald Trump this week.

Sisson appeared on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” Friday to discuss the first presidential debate between Biden and Trump. As many Democrats following the event expressed their disappointment in Biden’s performance which contained multiple gaffes, Sisson stood by Biden’s and called out Trump’s “lies.”

However, Morgan pushed back on the influencer noting how Biden was fact-checked over a hundred times by CNN, as he appeared shocked that Sisson could defend the president’s debate performance. (RELATED: Dems Pull Every Excuse In The Book To Avoid Confronting Biden’s Abysmal Debate Performance)

“I don’t know how anybody, honestly, could watch that debate and honestly conclude that Biden won. You’d have to be so deeply embedded in the Democrat partisan tank that you can’t crawl out long enough to see the wood for the trees,” Morgan said.

“So first thing, I want to respond to your lie comment. I think that, yeah, we want both candidates to be honest, but we have to weigh the lies here. Like if Joe Biden gets a statistic incorrect that is vastly different than Donald Trump still pushing lies about January 6th and about the election,” Sisson responded.

“But second of all, as I said, the substance of the conversation is what matters. Trump can scream the loudest, he can lie the most — that doesn’t mean you win a debate. When Joe Biden’s up there saying like, you know what, my policy is pragmatic — I want to give women their reproductive rights, I want to continue to lower healthcare costs, I want to expand healthcare for veterans more and more, that’s pragmatic policy. That’s [the] logical conversation Americans stand by —”

“Harry, here’s the problem — he couldn’t articulate his views in a way that anyone could really understand. Secondly, and more crucially, in Trump he has an opponent who tells a lot of untruths and what you want the president of the United States to do is to be quick-witted enough and sharp enough and intelligent enough to — every time he does that — leap on it and tell the American people why what he said was untrue,” Morgan jumped in.

“Biden was simply incapable of doing any of that. That’s what a lot of Democrats have said overnight is the most problematic thing. It’s not that he’s old or anything, it’s that he was incapable of either articulating policy in a way that resonated or holding Trump to account. And if you can’t do that with a candidate like Trump, there’s no hope.”

The British journalist then proceeded to play a clip where Biden appeared to freeze mid-statement before mumbling his answer, asking Sisson his thoughts about the moment. While Sisson called the clip “edited,” he questioned if Morgan could understand multiple policy ideas that Biden had advocated for, to which Morgan immediately pushed back as he called out Biden’s “drone-like manner.”

“Piers, did you not understand President Biden when he talked about how the PACT act now has a million people signing up for it? Did you not —” Sisson began.

“No, not really, no. I didn’t, no, because he spoke in this weird kind of croaky … If you had basically translated him in real time I’d have understood it … But Biden spoke for 90 minutes in a croaky, monotone, drone like manner that honestly, to most average viewers watching, was utterly incomprehensible. The problem he’s got is that Trump sounded and looked exactly like he did in 2020 and 2016, like he’s always done,” Morgan said.

Morgan later continued on to call out Sisson’s loyalty to the president by asking, “Why are you the only person I’ve heard in the last 24 hours who’s not crying because the performance was so horrendous, on the Democrat side?”

“I don’t know you have to talk to the people that you’re surrounded by —” Sisson responded.

“Literally all of them — Van Jones on CNN — they’re all crying because it was so bad it brought tears to their eyes. You appear to have watched a completely different debate. You’re happy, you thought it was great, he’s going to win a triumphant victory. No he’s not Harry, wake up,” Morgan pushed.

Since Biden’s debate performance, many Democratic pundits who have rallied behind Biden in the 2024 presidential race, have now come forward and suggested that the president reconsider running for a second term.

A new 538/Ipsos poll conducted after the event found that Biden “turned in the worst debate performance of the cycle,” even when compared to Republicans during the primary debates, data shows. According to voters, Biden on average received a performance score of 1.99 out of five, which was lower than what viewers had thought he would be at as he had received an expectation score of 2.62 out of 5, the poll reported.