EXCLUSIVE: Election Integrity Group Targets State Board Barring RFK Jr. From Ballot

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Reagan Reese White House Correspondent
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A new election integrity watchdog organization is launching a six-figure media campaign and an investigation into the North Carolina State Board of Elections after it initially rejected ballot access to third-party candidates, RFK Jr. and Cornel West, the Daily Caller has learned first.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections ruled 3-2 on Wednesday to temporarily keep Kennedy and West off the ballot until it further reviews the decision sometime ahead of the November election. The board chairman justified the decision, saying that the committee needed time to “look at petition-gathers who have been problematic,” according to NBC News. The Fair Election Fund, founded in May to target abuses of the election system, is planning to allocate a portion of its $5 million whistleblower protection program to investigate the board’s decision, a watchdog dog official told the Caller. (RELATED: ‘Rigged’: Death Of The American Voter | WATCH NOW)

The investigation will begin by asking whistleblowers with knowledge of “illegal or unethical activity” by the state board the Democratic National Committee, or any groups aligned with President Joe Biden to share their story with Fair Election Fund through its hotline, an official told the Caller. The official did not give the Caller an estimate on how long the investigation will last, but said updates would be provided.

“After Joe Biden’s abysmal performance at the debate, he and his allies are scared to death and know the only way they can claw their way back in this race is to resort to election interference like they did this week in North Carolina. If Biden’s allies illegally worked with the liberals on the NCSBE to block Cornel West and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from the ballot, we’re going to find out and expose it. We will be relentless in holding Alan Hirsch, Siobhan O’Duffy Millen, Jeff Carmon accountable for their anti-democracy ruling,” a Fair Election Fund Senior Official told the Caller.

As a part of its efforts against the North Caroline State Board of Elections, Fair Election Fund will additionally launch a six-figure media campaign devoted to targeting the three Democrat members of the state board who voted to initially keep Kennedy and West off the ballot, a press release obtained by the Caller states. The TV and digital ads will also focus on urging the board to reverse their decision, an official told the Caller.

The watchdog group announced in May that it would spend millions “to shine a light on fraud and abuse still occurring in our election system,” according to a press release. As a part of its program, which will be used to target the North Carolina state board, the organization will work with election workers, organizers and other observers to share their stories of “corruption” in the election process, the press release states.

The state board is set to revisit the decision ahead of the election after members discussed an NBC News report that showed political operatives with ties to the GOP were reportedly working to help West get on the ballot in an attempt to “take away votes from Joe Biden,” a different NBC News article states. Members of the board also expressed concern that allies of Kennedy were exploiting election laws to make a new party as a way to get on the ballot, the outlet reported.

“To correct a mistaken premise, the Board did not reject the petitions for new party recognition outright,” Paul Cox, the general counsel for the state board, told the Caller. “The Board majority decided against recognition last week, and elected instead to review these petitions further to decide at a later date this month whether the prospective new parties met the requirements of state law to be officially recognized. No final decision has been reached on the Constitution Party, the Justice for All Party, or the We the People Party.”

While ballot access remains in limbo in North Carolina, Kennedy is set to appear on the ballot in several states, including Michigan, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, California and Hawaii, according to Politico. West will also appear on some states’ ballots including Colorado, Oregon, South Carolina and Utah.

“The Board’s partisan decision, despite the submission of the requisite number of petition signatures on time, undermines the foundational principles of our electoral system,” West spokesperson Edwin DeJesus told the Caller, adding anti-democratic tactics.