New Jersey Devils Drop Outright Hilarious Schedule Release Video With Dougie Hamilton

(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Funny as hell.

The NHL has officially dropped their schedules, and to celebrate the occasion, the New Jersey Devils released an absolutely comical video starring their defenseman Dougie Hamilton as a professor.

When it comes to schedule release videos, the NFL goes all out, to the point where it’s a thoroughbred competition between all 32 teams in the league to see who can come up with the best video that takes over the sports blogs. And while the NHL doesn’t have that same flavor, who says it can’t happen one day? (RELATED: Nashville Predators Go Completely Nuclear Bringing In Stamkos, Marchessault, Skjei On First Day Of Free Agency)

Insert the New Jersey Devils.

The iconic hockey franchise decided to get Dougie, threw a funny-looking mustache and set of eyebrows on him, and then had him do a little acting as … Professor Dougie Hamilton?

Yep, and he’s not that bad of an actor while we’re at it.


LMAO … the Florida Panthers x Carolina Hurricanes segment killed my ass.

And while we’re on the subject of hurricanes, be sure to follow me on Twitter @AndrewPow3ll where I will be covering hurricane season throughout its entirety. *shameless plug*

Anyways, back to hockey, and more specifically, my Florida Panthers … I wanna take the time to declare that South Florida is HOCKEYTOWN USA.

I still can’t get over how crazy that is … but can we drop a schedule release video like the Devils though? (LMAO)