Who’s Funding The Violent Anti-Israel Protests On American College Campuses?

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Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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What started as routine leftist protests in April quickly turned into a battle for the UCLA campus — and the Daily Caller’s investigative reporters were on the ground to document it all.

April protests over the Israel-Hamas war soon grew into a massive encampment on the picturesque UCLA quad. Anti-Israel activists dug in their heels. They put up barricades, installed security check points and kept strict control over the flow of people and information that got in or out of their territory.

The Daily Caller’s new documentary, “Anarchy U,” captured it all as it unfolded in real time: the violence, the building takeovers, the protesters’ desperate attempt to hold onto their fortress as police and counter-protesters sought to tear it down.

Hours of original footage shows how this rag tag band of weak leftists held out a lot more successfully than you’d expect. So the real question becomes: who was helping them, and how were they so well prepared?

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Investigative reporter Cam Higby uncovered just how well-supplied the protesters were, as he evaded security check points and infiltrated the encampment.

“Their security’s terrible. Their logistics are absolutely awful,” Higby said of the check points. It was relatively easy to sneak in. Convinced he was friendly media, masked guards gave him a wrist band that allowed access to the encampment through designated entry points. They even offered him a job as security himself.

It was much harder, however, to stay undercover once he started asking questions. Masked protesters surrounded him, blocking his view of the supply line set up inside. They formed a human wall, guiding him out of the perimeter, sometimes pushing him or grabbing the camera. But not before he got a glimpse of their stockpiles.

“Inside the encampment … they had like tens of thousands of dollars — at least — worth of food, water, feminine products, tooth brushes and toothpaste, deodorant, hygiene stuff. Anything you could think of that would be necessary to live in a somewhat clean matter for a prolonged period of time, they had it in there.”

Walking up to one of the ladies at a food stand within the encampment, Higby asked, “Hey, who’s funding this?”

“Immediately, they just all surrounded me, locked arms in a full circle around me. I couldn’t move at all,” Higby recalls.

Hidden Go-Pro footage shows him being physically removed from the encampments. But Higby didn’t stop there.

As the encampment came under scrutiny, protesters began loudly claiming the mantle of victimhood. The university was trying to starve them out, they cried, by preventing shipments of basic necessities from getting into the encampment. Even if it were true, the university would be fully justified in doing so. But Higby showed they were lying.

He went back in, this time with an aerial drone. Drone footage showed not only that the encampment remained well supplied, but that shipments were still coming in.

So the question remains: who is picking up the bill?

Protesters were well supplied before police arrived, before even the counter-protesters showed up. Clearly, they came prepared to stay for the long haul. They might be spoiled rich kids; it is UCLA, after all. But it’s unlikely a campus job pays the kind of money for students to stockpile tens of thousands of dollars worth of materiel. And it’s equally unlikely the parents are paying for them to blow off their studies. All signs point to outside help.

Higby has some ideas about who it may be. The new wave of anti-Israel protests is much like other protests and riots that have rocked the U.S. in recent years. BLM, Antifa and “Palestinian” protesters all want the same thing, and they’re often funded by the same nefarious group of international leftists who exist simply to stir the pot. Their goal isn’t equality, justice or change for the better, but to remake the world entirely.

Watch “Anarchy U” today to learn more about the UCLA encampment and riots, and how the students came so prepared to fight.

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