Danny Trejo’s Fury Unleashed In Viral Video At Fourth Of July Parade

(Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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A video captured Danny Trejo caught in a fight during the fourth of July parade in California, TMZ reported.

During a Fourth of July parade, Trejo found himself in the middle of an altercation that escalated quickly. The incident began when someone reportedly threw a water balloon at Trejo’s vintage car, leading to a heated exchange, according to TMZ. Several people at the event captured video footage showing Trejo being restrained by several men as tensions rose.

The situation quickly intensified when Trejo and his companions reportedly exited the car to confront the individuals they thought had thrown a water balloon at the actor’s car, TMZ stated. However, they mistakenly approached the wrong group. This error led to a brief brawl, which bystanders swiftly deescalated by reminding those involved that children were present. (RELATED: ‘Machete’ Star Donates To Help Feed 800 Families)

Law enforcement was called to the scene of the fight, but by the time officers arrived, the crowd had dispersed and no arrests were made. Trejo told TMZ the water balloon throw was “childish” and called the adult perpetrators in their 30s “cowards.” He expressed disappointment over the incident, especially because it marred a celebratory event. Trejo emphasized that his attendance at the parade was out of love for the community, the outlet reported.

The altercation led to mixed reactions from fans and onlookers, with some defending Trejo’s response as justified, while others viewed the water balloon toss as harmless fun, according to TMZ. This incident came during an already difficult week for Trejo, who announced the death of his beloved Chihuahua, Dixie on an Instagram post Monday.