‘Bring Your Son To Work Day?’: Megyn Kelly Slams White House For Its ‘Backup Biden’

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Sirius XM’s Megyn Kelly slammed the White House on Wednesday for reportedly allowing first son Hunter Biden to play the role of a “backup Biden.”

Hunter Biden is reportedly making one of the hardest pitches for his father to continue serving as president, people close to the situation told The New York Times (NYT). This first son has been regularly attending meetings with senior White House aides following Biden’s concerning debate performance on June 27, NBC News reported. Kelly was appalled by Hunter Biden’s reported proximity to presidential matters, stating that his presence in the room is “a big deal.”

“Hunter is now going to the White House meetings,” Kelly said. “Hunter Biden’s there now. Hunter Biden – convicted felon … Drug-addled Hunter Biden — though he’s said to be clean at the moment — is going with the President to all of his meetings right now, apparently as like a backup Biden. And this is begging defended by people like Mika Brzezinski as like, no big deal. But it is a big deal, and there’s a real question about whether this is appropriate and why he’s there. They’re saying, the White House is saying, ‘Oh, it’s just because it’s a holiday week.’ Well, what does that mean? Is it like being your kid, is it bring your son to work day because it’s almost July Fourth?”

In June, a Delaware jury convicted Hunter Biden on three gun felony charges related to his purchase of a revolver and false statements about his drug addiction. (RELATED: Fauci: Joe Biden Is Fine, Seriously, Also Buy My Book)

A stunned Kelly called the situation “remarkable” before mentioning that the White House reportedly said polling data will likely cause Biden “to see the truth.” The radio host cited internal polling obtained by Puck News.

Democratic strongholds like New Hampshire, Virginia and New Mexico are reportedly “in play” for presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to the post-debate poll. Additionally, Kelly said the poll showed Biden’s support in free fall in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Nevada.

“The electoral map, based on Open Labs reporting, would land as follows: Biden with 205 electoral votes, Trump 333,” Kelly said. “Three hundred and thirty-three. That would be a landslide.”

“Biden has lost at least two points in every single battleground state,” she continued. “New CBS polling puts it at four points that Biden has lost to Trump in the week of this debate. Four points in every single battleground state.”

“Pennsylvania and Michigan. Biden behind by seven points. He’s losing Georgia by 10. Losing Nevada by nine. He’s behind Trump in Virginia, not by much, 0.6%. But behind Trump in Virginia. He’s behind Trump in New Mexico, not by much, but behind him in this reliably blue state, by 0.5%,” Kelly said.

“New Hampshire, a state that Joe Biden won in 2020 by seven, and in which he had had a 10-point lead just a few months ago, just in December, Biden is now down by two. New Hampshire, a 10-point swing,” Kelly said. “In New Mexico, which Biden won by 11 points, Joe Biden is now up only two points over Trump. Just in June, before the debate, he was up seven points.”