Trent Grisham Gets Slammed With Boos By Yankee Fans After Making Completely Absurd Mistake As New York Gets Swept

(Photo by Luke Hales/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Just … how? How on earth do you make this mistake?

The New York Yankees and Cincinnati Reds squared off Thursday in a Fourth of July contest, and things didn’t go well for the pinstripes whatsoever.

To start the game, Cincinnati got off to a quick 2-0 advantage with both second baseman Jonathan India and right fielder Nick Martini blasting home runs. Later in the fifth inning, it was left fielder Spencer Steer‘s turn, knocking a three-run bomb to extend the Reds’ lead to 5-0. Every single homer came off of New York starting pitcher Marcus Stroman, rough!

The pinstripes tried to pull off a comeback, getting back two runs in the bottom of the fifth after first baseman Ben Rice and catcher Austin Wells hit home runs themselves. In the seventh, right fielder Juan Soto then popped one out, however, the Reds were in control of the game completely. (RELATED: Yankees, Reds Players Have A Good Ol’ Fashioned National Anthem Standoff Prior To Fourth Of July Game)

When the smoke cleared, Cincy won the game, 8-4, and on top of that, they swept the Yanks.

But it gets worse for New York.

During the top of the ninth inning, Cincinnati third baseman Jeimer Candelario hit a routine single to center field … except, it wasn’t a single. Yankees outfielder Trent Grisham was being a bit lazy while scooping up the ball, and boy oh boy, did it backfire. He ended up fumbling it, and Candalerio took full advantage to get himself to second base.

As expected, Yankee fans absolutely let him have it.


Wow … and to think this dude gets paid very, very well to not make mistakes like this.