‘It Doesn’t Get Better’: ABC’s Martha Raddatz Highlights Fallout Following Biden’s First Post-Debate Interview

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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ABC News host Martha Raddatz highlighted fallout Friday evening following President Joe Biden’s first post-debate interview with the network’s George Stephanopoulos.

Biden brushed off his dwindling poll numbers while insisting his debate performance was just a “bad night” in the pre-recorded interview which aired Friday evening. Raddatz joined Stephanopoulos after the interview aired and told him Biden will not “get better” by November.

“No one can stop the clock. And this is about age,” Raddatz said. “That’s exactly what that’s about. And this will dominate this campaign. Aging is not like a broken bone — it doesn’t get better. So, there is an opportunity every time he goes out — every time Joe Biden goes out — that he will show his age. I mean, he said he is not more frail. You asked him, you told him, ‘You say, ‘Watch me.” Everyone is watching. And believe me, they are going to be watching even more closely as we go forward.”

Raddatz also told Stephanopoulos that Biden listens to “a very tight circle” which reportedly includes first lady Jill Biden. Raddatz then claimed Biden administration officials told her Jill Biden is “lashing out” at anyone suggesting her husband abandon his 2024 reelection bid. (RELATED: ‘Where The Hell Is It?’: Jill Biden’s Fmr Press Sec Rages At Ex-Biden Official For ‘Gaslighting’ Supporters, Media)

“Administration officials I have spoken to said that very tight inner circle is telling them he can win, that he needs to keep going. This, of course, includes his wife, Jill, who they said is lashing out at those who want him to get out of the race,” Raddatz said.

Biden tersely shut down Stephanopoulous’s question about if he is “more frail.” The 81-year-old president told Stephanopoulos he is “still in good shape” and takes “a cognitive test every day.”