Man Sets Guinness World Records That Involve Him Swallowing Sword, Pulling Car With His Eye Sockets

(Photo by John Nacion/WireImage)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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I could barely get through the video … cringe!

Working as a sideshow artist in real life, a man from Las Vegas set a couple of new Guinness World Records that will leave you like, “how the hell?”

And this is because his records involve him swallowing a sword and his eye sockets pulling a car … how the hell?!

Told you. (RELATED: Yankees Fan Reacts To Red Sox Home Run By Launching An Absolute Bomb Of A Ball On The Field)

Appearing on Italian television series “Lo Show Dei Record,” which is recorded in Milan, Andrew Stanton attempted to break the records for the heaviest weight pulled with eye sockets, as well as the heaviest weight lifted with both eye sockets while swallowing a sword — wild stuff, I know, but just wait until you see the video.

Achieving the first record, Stanton hooked nice-sized metal hooks to his eye sockets, and then attempted to pull a vehicle with a driver in it (it was a Cadillac if you care) across the stage of the television program. In total, the weight was 5,319.75 pounds.

His second record is the first time that anyone has ever held it, and it was him swallowing a sword while having hooks in his eye sockets to pull up his assistant, who weighed 129.63 pounds.


I’m all for the Guinness World Records, but I’m not gonna lie, I can barely handle videos like this — I was over here thinking he was gonna rip his eye sockets or slice his insides with that sword. But shoutout to my man for doing his thing, yeesh.