Biden Hired Kamala To Increase ‘Diversity,’ But Somehow You’re Racist If You Say It

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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Democrats are mad as hell: how dare you call Kamala Harris our first DEI president even though it’s 100% true?

Sorry, guys. You know, I know it, all of America knows it — if Harris manages to claw her way into the White House, it would be almost entirely as a result of her race and gender.

The New York Post ran a headline over the weekend speculating on Harris’ ascendance; what a landmark it would be to have “our country’s first DEI president.” Then came the left-wing Twitter freak-out right on cue.

Gov. Gavin Newsom called the headline “straight up racist,” while former Obama flunkie Ben Rhodes called it “disgustingly racist.” One anti-Trump activist saw things more strategically, pointing out that elevating Harris would make the GOP “go absolutely feral with racism and remind minority swing voters of how psychotically racist the Republican Party is.” Politico’s deputy editor Sam Stein seemed to agree.

Hate it to break it to you all, but Kamala Harris is the single greatest DEI success story in American history.

She was an irrelevant also-ran in the 2020 Democratic primary, disliked by both the party elite and grassroots voters. Too institutionalist for the far-left, and too far left for the middle, she flamed out early — until Old Grandpa Joe needed a black woman on the ticket to appease the party’s racial conflagrationists. Now, she’s the heir apparent if Biden should falter, irreplaceable precisely because it would be a sin against DEI to overlook the first black woman president in favor of a handsome white man like Gavin Newsom.

“Black women have supported me my whole career,” Biden said in 2020 when he announced several black women on his VP shortlist. “I have been loyal, and they have been loyal to me — and so it’s important that my administration, I promise you, will look like America.”

In 2020, Harris brought literally nothing else to the table besides her race and gender; Democrats cheered. Now, as conservatives point out exactly the same thing, they’re feigning outrage. The truth might hurt, but it sure as hell ain’t “racist.”