CNN’s Former In-House Eunuch Says Biden Is ‘Stuck In The Past’

(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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Is there anyone more obnoxious than Brian Stelter?

As the former Golden Boy of CNN, Stelter spent years claiming the mantle of “Reliable Sources” as he waged a viciously dishonest propaganda war against all of the regime’s enemies. But his bulbous, bald head shined too bright for the newsroom. CNN’s in-house eunuch was forced to find a new master.

Like Gollum, he’s mostly wallowed in the shadows ever since. But he came down from his cave Monday night to hit the Biden campaign with a hilarious fact check.

The Biden-Harris HQ Twitter account used an out-of-context clip of Stelter to hit on Trump’s supposedly terrifying “forward-looking plan” for 2025.

Not so fast, Stelter responded. “Here’s what I said: The critique of Biden right now is that he’s stuck in the past, talking about his past accomplishments.”

Well, ain’t that the truth. Biden has nothing to offer the American people but nostalgia for a country that no longer exists. He touts his economic record and how he saved democracy from Trump, despite pumping inflationary trillions into the economy and weaponizing the justice system against his political opponents. But even if you agree these are accomplishments, there’s little offered for what comes next; more of the same? Biden claims to be Captain Unity and the voice of the working class, all while his policies gut the ideals he hocks nostalgia for.

Trump, meanwhile, actually does offer a “forward-looking plan:” close the border, deport millions, bring back American industry, cut taxes and regulations, and purge the most far-left elements of education and bureaucracy that poison our society.

Stelter certainly isn’t on board with Trump’s vision, but it looks like he’s no fanboy for Biden any longer either. A loyal regime apparatchik, brazenly contradicting the Biden campaign would have been unthinkable even two weeks ago. Now, at last, he finally delivered the American people some “reliable” information.