Elon Musk Explains How Dems Rig Elections


Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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A typical Marxist tactic, Democrats focus on the most extreme iterations of election rigging to cast all of their opponents as crazed conspiracy theorists. No, the Venezuelans didn’t hack any voting machines. But they didn’t have to. The 2020 election was rigged long before election day.

No lesser authority than X owner Elon Musk is now pointing this out. “When combined with mail-in ballots, the system is *designed* to make it impossible to prove fraud,” Musk wrote in a tweet that has been viewed over 25 million times in the 12 hours since it was posted.

As such, “mail-in and drop box ballots should not be allowed,” he concluded.

His solution is a basic dose of sanity. But it’s his diagnosis that’s even more insightful.

Mail-in voting and widespread drop boxes are likely not resulting in millions of fraudulent ballots — the most extreme accusations of voter fraud. They do, however, tweak results around the margins by tilting the rules of the game toward Democrats. When combined with the massive network of community organizers, they take all the effort out of voting, turning even the most disinterested citizen into a reliable blue vote. When Democratic activists do cross the line from immoral to illegal, the anonymity of drop-offs and mail-ins make a crime exceedingly hard to prove.

The plausible deniability, as Musk notes, is the point.

To those paying attention, this has long been obvious. The Daily Caller broke it all down last year in our documentary on the 2020 election, “RIGGED.”

However, it’s more surprising to hear from a centrist voice like Musk. Before he put a media and government target on his back by bucking left-wing orthodoxy, Musk was widely respected as one of the brightest and most successful people in the world. That reputation still carries over with millions of normal people, despite the left’s best attempts to tear him down.

So it’s a big deal that he shared the truth of election rigging with his 189 million followers. Normal people might not believe it when they hear it from so-called “right-wing sources.” But the more they hear it coming from the center, the better it is for America.