House Oversight Chairman Calls Out White House Physician’s Alleged Connection To Biden Family ‘Peddling Scheme’

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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House Oversight Chairman James Comer called out President Joe Biden’s White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor’s alleged connection to the Biden family’s “peddling scheme” Monday on Fox News.

Comer appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss the ongoing concerns for Biden’s mental health as some Democrats have called for the president to step aside as their party’s nominee. Fox host Jesse Watters began by questioning the Oversight Committee’s evidence for the links between O’Connor and their previous probe into Biden’s business dealings. (RELATED: Briefing Erupts After Multiple Reporters Bombard KJP With Questions About Neurologist Visiting White House)

“Well we know that Dr. O’Connor was involved in a shady scheme that dealt with the failing healthcare company, Americore Health. This was a deal with Jim Biden, we know this because Jim Biden talked about it in the transcribed interview that our committee conducted with Jim Biden. He mentioned the White House physician, and said he was his healthcare advisor. Because we asked him why were you involved in the healthcare scheme if he had no healthcare background and he mentioned the White House physician was consulting him,” Comer said.

“We didn’t press that but we’ve asked for the White House physician to come in, we expect him to come in for a transcribed interview or I will subpoena him for a deposition. Either way, we will ask a lot of questions about the report that the White House physician issued just a few months ago that said Joe Biden was in tiptop physical condition.”

“Because, Jesse, there are only two people I can find in Washington, D.C. that want Joe Biden to remain in the race and that’s the Biden family and the White House physician. Both of whom are in a lot of trouble in these Biden family influence peddling schemes,” Comer continued. “I find it ironic that now the media is reporting that there are cover-ups involved in the president’s health, that’s obvious to every American, but the main character in the cover-up was also involved in the influence-peddling schemes. That’s why we want to bring this physician in, ask him questions under oath and we’ll release the transcripts.”

The White House’s press briefing room erupted into chaos Monday as reporters attempted to question White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about disclosing details regarding Biden’s medical records. While Jean-Pierre confirmed a neurologist had seen the president three times, she failed to clarify details claiming it was due to “security reasons.”

The Oversight Committee sent a letter Sunday to O’Connor calling for the physician to appear before the group for a transcribed interview in regard to his medical assessments with both Biden and Biden’s family business dealings. The lawmakers claimed the physician was involved in Biden’s family dealings which led to the president receiving $200,000 through the use of Americore Health, LLC and Biden’s brother, James Biden.

James Biden had previously confirmed to the committee that Dr. O’Connor “provided him counsel” for the alleged work he was conducting for Americore. As the company had been facing financial distress, James Biden received “loan” payments for $400,000 and $200,000 which were directly wired to his bank account, according to the Oversight Committee.