Video Shows Man Apparently Throwing Puppy Down Three Flights Of Stairs

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Dana Abizaid Contributor
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Video released by FOX11 Monday apparently shows a Los Angeles man throwing a 7-month-old puppy down three flights of stairs.

After residents of an apartment building in Koreatown called Los Angeles Police and reported that a man had allegedly tossed the puppy down the stairs, officers arrived and detained 27-year-old Joeboury Coleman, according to FOX11.

The video shows a shirtless man casually grabbing a whimpering dog by the back of the neck and raising it above a stairwell’s banister in the apartment building. FOX11 stopped the video there because “it’s too disturbing,” but reporter Christina Gonzalez showed viewers where Coleman allegedly tossed the dog down three flights. (RELATED: Dash Cam Catches Moment Cat Thrown Out Car Window On Highway)

When Dione Michael, who saw the video of the incident posted on the Kris Kelly Foundation‘s social media pages, went to the building and spoke to residents and the building manager to find out what happened, she reportedly learned that police had arrived earlier, knocked on the man’s door, and left after he didn’t answer, according to FOX11.

Dione then took to social media, urging people to call the police and demand something be done, the outlet reported.

Police did eventually arrive, detaining Coleman and taking a dog that appears to be the one in the video to an animal shelter where it is being treated for malnutrition and will likely need surgery to fix a broken leg apparently sustained in the incident, according to FOX11.

Dione told FOX11 that her actions exemplify those of people in a movement on social media coming together to form an “army for animals.”

“If one person calls, nothing happens,” she said. “When we all get together and make the noise loud, they at least have to start reacting!”

Police have charged Coleman with animal cruelty.