MIKE ROGERS: China Is On Offense, But Biden Isn’t Paying Attention

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Mike Rogers Contributor
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Every single year, $600 billion in economic potential is lost to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at the expense of American businesses, large and small. While I’m proud that we still boast the most effective military in world history, we cannot ignore the vast rise in technology being developed in China to compete with us, and now, they possess a larger army and navy than us. I’m not trying to scare you, but these are the unvarnished results of years of not taking the competition of China seriously.

While American companies have sought access to the growing Chinese marketplace, the CCP has required those companies to have a Chinese partnership, giving ultimate control of their operations in China to CCP-connected entities. These partnerships have essentially forced our businesses to open the door to massive CCP-sponsored theft of intellectual property, advanced technologies and consumer data, and China has taken advantage.

China’s using these stolen secrets and building up its military capabilities to use ever more aggressive tactics to threaten its neighbors in the Pacific, particularly across the South China sea, where they threaten U.S. allies like Korea, Japan, the Philippines and most notably, Taiwan.

It’s not just their military, however. Recently, we’ve seen a major escalation of highly questionable activities by Chinese undersea cable repair company SB Submarine Systems, who’s ships are contracted out to repair the critical undersea communications cables that connect our modern world. Inexplicably, these ships at times have reportedly turned off their transponders so they cannot be tracked, and while their activities remain unknown, it’s reasonable to assume they’re tapping into our data. They’re not limited to the seas either. We’ve seen spy balloons traverse our skies, and the examples of Chinese attacks on our critical infrastructure are plentiful and growing.

What I’m trying to say is China is on offense, playing the long game and hoping we’re not paying attention. Unfortunately, under Joe Biden we’re just sitting by asking questions instead of acting. To ensure the next great American century, it’s time to sincerely and passionately as a nation confront China’s aggression.

That begins by strengthening our defenses. We must ensure our military can continue to project strength and be ready for any conflict by giving our troops the resources they need. Additionally, we must double down on cybersecurity to protect critical infrastructure and stop intellectual property theft. Without strong cybersecurity, the oceans will do little to protect us.

China has shown their clear desire to infiltrate all our systems that control everything from our water supply, electricity generation and nearly every other critical system. We must not allow China to do the same with our military.

China consistently engages in unfair trade practices, designed to weaken American businesses by subsidizing their products, and dumping them in the American marketplace to undercut and destroy American manufacturers. We simply cannot allow this type of trade that so negatively impacts American manufacturing and American workers.

Our economy is the best weapon we have to combat China as they benefit greatly from having access to the American marketplace. This position of power must be used wisely and to our advantage, first by growing our economy and cutting regulations to unleash American ingenuity, and by placing tariffs and restrictions on imports from China, especially when they engage in deceitful trade practices.

One area where our economy and national security are both at risk is with Biden’s reckless EV mandates. Today, over 80% of global supplies for cells needed to produce the batteries that power electric vehicles are controlled, sourced or processed in China. This forced conversion to EVs doesn’t just take choices away from America; it makes use far too reliant on China. We must end the insanity and allow the market to dictate the auto industry.

It’s long past time to get serious about the Chinese threat to every aspect of American life. Long ago when China first opened its doors to Western investment, it was thought that economic engagement we could allow democracy to get a foothold in that nation. It’s beyond clear that was a mistake, and it’s time to fight back against their aggression. I’m ready to get the job done.

Mike Rogers is the Trump-Endorsed Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Michigan.

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