A Cheating Scandal Has Rocked The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, And I’m Here For This Entertainment

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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See what happens when you don’t have Joey Chestnut involved?!

The competitive eating world has been completely shaken up after a cheating scandal rocked the 2024 edition of the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest that takes place every Fourth of July. A contender has been hit with allegations of trying to crank up his score by using hand trickery.

Nick Wehry, husband of women’s hot dog champion Miki Sudo, allegedly used sleight of hand trickery while the contest was happening in an attempt to fraudulently increase the number of hot dogs that he ate to become a part of the elite contenders of the sport, according to insider sources who told this information to the New York Post. (RELATED: A True Legend: Joey Chestnut Eats 200 Wings In 38 Minutes After Inhaling 57 Hot Dogs On The Fourth Of July)

“100% he cheated,” one source said Tuesday to The Post.

Originally, Wehry had a score of 46.75 hot dogs eaten. That figure, however, later got bumped up to 51.75. He ended up getting credit for eating five more wieners than what he actually did, according to the outlet’s sources. Wehry is being knocked with accusations of “stealing plates” from a fellow competitor, stacking them in his area to bring his tally over 50. Oh! And he allegedly asked for a recount after the original scoring from the judge, a source suggested to the Post.

WHAT. A. FRAUD. (If true, of course)

With that being said, I’m always down for a scandal, especially when it comes to competitive eating. As a matter of fact, where’s my popcorn?