Shedeur Sanders Ratchets Up His Arrogance To The Maximum By Saying Colorado Is Every Opponent’s ‘Super Bowl’

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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I love Shedeur, but come on, man.

If you ask Colorado Buffaloes superstar quarterback Sheduer Sanders, the son and player of Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders, he’ll tell you that every opponent of his team views the Buffs as their “Super Bowl.” In other words, he thinks Colorado is the end all be all in college football, at least with his opposition.

Yes, this is the same quarterback of the Buffaloes team that finished 4-8 in the 2023 season. (RELATED: Mike Gundy Gives Immoral (Yet Hilarious) Answer About Ollie Gordon II Getting Arrested For Allegedly Drunk Driving)

“I know we’re everybody’s Super Bowl,” Sanders told the media while speaking with them Wednesday. “So I really just always stay level-headed and grounded because I would never want to be that guy who looks back and wasn’t able to take advantage of the moment that we have right now.”

LMAO … the arrogance!


I give Shedeur this: He’s not being “Diddy facing crazy allegations and still flexing about his private jet” arrogant …

But he’s still being pretty damn arrogant … Super Bowl though? Those are the words you chose to use? (LMAO)

I love Deion Sanders, I love the Colorado program, I love how much swag they’ve put into it. I’m even planning on a career mode in “EA Sports College Football 25” where I’ll play for the Buffaloes, but I can’t get down with comical comments like this when your most recent record is 4-8.

Can’t do it! I just can’t do it.