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CNN's Chris Cillizza Lectures About Migrant Caravan And Ends Up Getting It Totally Wrong

His video explainer didn't age well

Dem Congressman Facing Backlash At Home For Leading Charge Against Pelosi Speakership

'I stand with Nancy'

The Graphic Details Of Washington Redskins QB's Injury Just Keep Getting Worse

Not good...

Pot Lovers Flock To Massachusetts Recreational Weed Shops On First Day Of Legal Sales

'It's going to be historic'

Inside The Impassioned Catholic Protest Against The Bishops

'It’s not Francis’s Church, it’s Jesus Christ’s'

Brian Kemp Dismantles Stacey Abrams' Voter Suppression Claims Point By Point

'Well, that's just a mistruth'

Taylor Swift Signs A Major Record Label Deal. There's A Ton Of Money On The Horizon

This is big news

Trump Has 6 Words In Response To News Of Michael Avenatti's Arrest

Trump shook his head

EXCLUSIVE: Simona Papadopoulos Shares Her Story About Russia Investigation — Says She Has 'No Regrets'

Her husband has asked to delay prison sentence

Would You Rather Attend The Super Bowl Or See Michelle Obama Speak?

We asked, here's what they said ...

Whoopi Goldberg Puts Khashoggi's Murder On Trump's Shoulder

'This is how things build up to slaughtering journalists'

Colorado Father Sentenced To Life In Prison For Killing His Pregnant Wife And Two Daughters

'A senseless murder'

CNN's Alisyn Camerota Praises 'Rock Star' Michelle Obama, Speculates About Run For Office

'Would she consider a run?'

Dan Crenshaw Shuts Down Democrat Who Says Press Are Under Attack: 'I've Been Under Attack'

How is that an attack on the press?

Three Caravans Worth Of Immigrants Try To Cross The Border Every Week


Here Are All The Wildest Shots From France's Anti-Macron Protests Over Fuel Taxes

'We have a movement here'

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Flubs Basic Government 101 Facts

'Republicans drooling'

CNN Analyst Kirsten Powers Painted Nearly Half The Country As Racist In One Jaw-Dropping Comment

'I just want to establish that'

One Film Put Up Monster Numbers At The Box Office. It Made A Ton Of Cash

The numbers are huge

Kellyanne Conway: 'No First Amendment Right To Be At The White House'

Trump may simply leave

Nunes: Emails Show FBI 'Withheld Evidence' From Surveillance Court

'Real evidence that people within the FBI withheld evidence from FISA court'

DeSantis Cheers Brenda Snipes's Resignation, Says Broward County 'Dropped The Ball'

'There was no way as governor that I was going to let her preside over another election'

OPINION: Annual Turkey Pardoning A White House Tradition

The White House Turkey Pardoning originates back to the Great Emancipator himself, President Lincoln

Dan Crenshaw Puts Trump's Veterans Day Whiff On Arlington In Perspective

'I don't think it necessarily affects us, where he shows up to anyway ceremonial fashion'

We Sought Asylum From Trump's Rhetoric In Mexico. Here's What Happened

If American journalists are so afraid for their safety here in America, maybe they would be better off and safer in Mexico.

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