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'My Story Is An Example': Immigrant Explains How His Life Became The American Dream

If you don't succeed in this country, the fault is on you

AG Nominee William Barr Explains Why The Rule Of Law Is Important

'That is the protection of individual freedom'

Here's Why This Texas School Teacher Says He Decided To Join ISIS

'Wanted to go see exactly what the group was about'

Patrick Mahomes New Ad Hilariously Inspired By Iconic 70s Coca-Cola Commercial

'Hey kid'

Meghan McCain Throws Down With Brian Stelter Over Heated Segment On 'The View'

'I am John McCain's daughter! I am not someone who sits here and is okay with racism!'

Gillette Uses New Ad To Lecture Men On Toxic Masculinity

Millennials to blame?

This Big Ten School Is A Heavy Favorite To Land Star Alabama QB Jalen Hurts

Should he go there?

Check Out These Shots Of Will Smith And Martin Lawrence's On Set For 3rd Installment Of 'Bad Boys'

Can't wait!

'Fox & Friends' Celebrates Trump's Clemson Fast Food Party By Ordering Their Own Fast Food

'The president is like a man of the people'

NFL QB Tells Disgusting Story About Shoving Food Into His Beard. Don't Watch The Video Before Eating

It's hilarious

Is Trump's Wall 'Un-Christian?' This Pastor Doesn't Think So

'We need strong borders'

DACA Recipient Says He Supports Trump's Push For A Border Wall

'Enough is enough'

Nation's Youngest Black Lawmaker Wants To Build The Wall With His State's Surplus

'Opioids are coming directly from the southern border'

Donald Trump Stood Next To Clemson's QB. The Size Difference Between Them Is Mind-Boggling


Lindsey Graham Breaks Up Barr Hearing With Wisecrack About Trump And A Cell Phone

'I tried that once'

Democrats Will Have A Hard Time Blocking Trump's AG Pick, Says Judge Napolitano

'I don't know how the Democrats could reject that'

Legendary College Football Coach Might Teach A Class On War. The Outline Looks Awesome

Would you attend?

How CNN Turned Into Fox News For A Day


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Showers His New Coach In Praise

Here's what he said

NFL Coach Has Some Very Surprising Comments When Discussing Kareem Hunt

Here's what he said...

One Stat About Kyler Murray Should Silence All Of His NFL Critics

Will he be a star?

Hannity Says Bob Mueller's Report Won't Be 'Anti-Climatic,' Expects A Bombshell

'Mark my words'

Remember The Homeless Man Who Helped Out A Chiefs Player? His Random Act Of Kindness Was Just Returned

Just awesome

This Is How The Los Angeles Teacher Strike Compares To Others

'Brink of fiscal insolvency'

Meghan McCain Floats Parallel Universe Theory In Which 'Jeb Bush Is President' And She's 'Happy'

'I put nothing off the table anymore'

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