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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Trump Jr, Guilfoyle Open Up About Life on the Campaign Trail

'If it can't be done in high heels, it can't be done'

Angel Mom Whose Son Was Murdered Speaks Out On Migrant Caravan: 'We Don't Need These People Here'

'This is a mob that's invading our country and this needs to be stopped'

US Navy Pilot Creates Another Sky Penis — And This One May Be Better Than The Last

Photos have emerged of the pilot's phallic flight pattern

Canadian Rapper Dies After Plummeting To His Death In Terrifying Plane Crash [VIDEO]

So scary...

Here's How Many Times Obama Talked About Himself While Stumping In Nevada

92 times ...

CNN's John Avlon Says Trump's Embrace Of Nationalism Clashes With American Exceptionalism: 'Not A Tribe-Based Nation'

'There is a fundamental difference between patriotism and nationalism'

Don Lemon: 'Racial Resentment' Was The 'Key Factor' in Trump's Election, Not Economic Worries

'Is this why President Trump keeps returning to immigration?'

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Says Caravan Of Illegal Immigrants Is 'Not Here Peacefully' And Is Bringing Drugs And Gang Members With It

'That's why we have borders'

Florida Gov Rick Scott Calls Out Senate Opponent Bill Nelson For Caring More About Himself Than Hurricane Victims

'Bill Nelson is worried about one person's job -- his job'

Republicans Call Allegation That Nevada Democrat Bruised His Ex-Wife 'Disturbing'

'Domestic violence always deserves to be taken seriously'

CNN Uses Sound Bite From Democratic Candidate To Take Jab At Fox News

Facts First?

Raiders QB Derek Carr Is Working Hard To Dispel Those Crying Rumors 


Laura Ingraham Says 'Mobile Mob' Of Migrants Caravan Massing To Overwhelm US Border Patrol

'Flagrant flouting of the rule of law'

Trump Shuts Down Chatty Acosta: 'Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait'

'I love our country'

Judge Andrew Napolitano Previews How A Democratic House Could Make Life Miserable For President Trump

'They can drive him crazy'

New York Times' Maggie Haberman: Oval Office Incident Speaks To 'John Kelly's Temper'

'John Kelly grabbed his collar and tried to push him up against the wall'

Rachel Maddow Equates Trump’s Voter Fraud Tweet to 1922 KKK Leaflets

'It’s very threatening. It’s very dangerous'

Democratic Candidate Turns Out To Be Pagan Witchcraft Cult Leader

Left-wing media outlet called her 'an American hero'

Former Obama Operative Assists With 'Battery' Lawsuit Against Senator Perdue For Reportedly Mistakenly Taking iPhone

'Democrats are embarrassing themselves'

Pelosi 'Pretty Comfortable' She'll Be House Speaker As She Says 'I Am A Great Legislator'

'I am also politically astute'

Here's A Home Video Of 8-Year-Old Patrick Mahomes Making One Of The Most Impressive Basketball Shots In History

He was destined to be a star

NFL Player Who Refuses To Stand For Anthem Is Now Starting Problems For Bizarre Reason

What is his deal?

CNN Commentator Accuses Trump Of Inhaling Oxygen And Exhaling Lies

'He's fed them a steady diet of fabrications'

CNN's Van Jones Says Twitter Users Wanted Him To Go For Kushner's Jugular During Saudi Interview

'Sometimes it's good to just let them talk'

Things Get Heated On 'The View' Over Migrant Caravan: 'We Are A Nation Of Laws And Borders'

'Did you just accuse me of not telling the truth?'

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