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Green Beret Charged With Alleged Murder Of Taliban Bomb Maker

'Suffer some terrible torture or be killed'

Trump Considering 5 People For Chief Of Staff

'I want somebody that thinks like I do'

One Of The Best Coaches In College Football Inks Massive Extension

Here's what we know

Trump Shares Old Videos Of Schumer, Hillary, Obama Supporting Border Security

'Illegal immigration is wrong plain and simple'

This Is The Rumored Punishment That Awaits Khabib After Conor McGregor Melee

What was he thinking?

Jeff Flake Seemingly Takes A Shot At Trump On His Final Floor Speech

'We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth'

Woman Sings 'Pretty Little Lullaby' To Baby She Aborted

'It was from the spirit of that child'

Former FEC Commissioner Debunks Myth That Trump Committed Campaign Finance Violation

He says Trump has nothing to worry about

TRADE WAR: Chinese Tech Royalty Arrested At Trump Administration's Request

Like arresting Bill Gates's daughter?

Tucker Carlson Points Out Elitist Hypocrisy On Climate Change And Private Jets

'Al Gore, who by the way, flies private all the time'

Watch The Latest Preview For The New Season Of 'True Detective.' It Looks Absolutely Insane

Will you be watching?

'Amnesiac With Incredible Hubris' — Gowdy Tears Into Former FBI Director Jim Comey

'Jim Comey was primarily motivated by a desire to protect the brand of Jim Comey'

Tucker Points Out Dems Don't Support US-Mexico Border Wall But Support Israel's Border Security

'Between 2010 and 2012 there were 55,000 illegal immigrants into Israel...2016 there were 11'

Melania: Hardest Thing To Deal With In White House Is 'Opportunists'

'Using my name or my family name'

San Francisco Creates First 'Transgender' District. It's Full Of Poop And Violence

'Something tangible against the Trump administration'

Detroit Pastor Charged With Murder Of Transgender Person

'She had a lot of people who loved her'

Congressman Lieu: 'I Would Love To Be Able To Regulate The Content Of Speech'

'The First Amendment prevents me from doing so'

Melania Shares Stunning Selfie After Christmas Visit With Troops Aboard Aircraft Carrier

'Thank you to ALL who serve!'

Christine Blasey Ford Presents Sports Illustrated’s Inspiration of the Year Award To First Nassar Victim To Come Forward

'We all have the power to create real change'

Gwen Stefani Responds To Whether She And Blake Shelton Will Get Married

'I never thought I would get this moment'

Why We Need The 2nd Amendment

'I did what I had to do'

Airport Travelers Stop, Stand And Sing National Anthem For Children of Fallen Service Members

The video of the heartwarming moment has been shared over 20,000 times on Facebook

Alex Jones Screams At Google CEO In US Capitol, Threatened With Arrest

President Trump has regularly criticized social media companies for conservative bias

Melania Rocks Black Coat And Jeans Combo During Christmas Visit With Troops

'We are forever grateful'

James Comey's Closed-Door Testimony: What You Need To Know

'He couldn't remember over 200 times'

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