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FLASHBACK: Clarence Thomas Calls Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Him A 'High-Tech Lynching'

'I think that it is disgusting'

WaPo Contributor: Kavanaugh Accuser Testimony Will Be Bad For White, Male Republicans

'The White House is going to treat her terribly'

Democrats' Delayed Document Dump On Kavanaugh Is A 'Question Of Fairness,' Says Professor Jonathan Turley

'Democrats supposedly had this since July'

Judge Napolitano Says Kavanaugh Accusation Will Devolve Into A Trip Down Memory Lane

'Two people saying the same thing at the same time will recall it differently'

Bee Lands On MSNBC Reporter, She Handles It Like A Pro

Quality content

Paige VanZant Appears To Be In Prime Fighting Shape [VIDEO]

What do you think?

Kavanaugh Accuser's Attorney Tells CNN Her Client Is Ready To Testify About Sexual Assault Allegations

'We've heard from no one'

McConnell Breaks Silence On Kavanaugh Accusations -- Slams Democrats

Irregular manner

Things Get Heated On 'View' Over Kavanaugh Accusations [VIDEO]

'I find the timing very political'

The Marine Corps Wouldn't Send These Reporters Into Battle--Here's Why

They wouldn't last a second out there

Vanderbilt Football Coach Probably Regrets These Comments After Losing To Notre Dame

What was he thinking?

Joe Scarborough Predicts 'Devastating' Results For GOP If It Sticks By Brett Kavanaugh

'Casting their vote for a man who has a cloud over his head'

Matthew McConaughey Looked Like A Legend At Texas' Game Against USC [VIDEO]


Did The Democrats Inflate Puerto Rican Death Toll After Hurricane? FACT CHECK

Way off

Chris Christie Details How Kavanaugh ‘Bloodletting’ Hurts The Senate

'They can’t be seen as credible'

Here Are The Best Reactions To Week 2 Of NFL Season

It was a bad week to be a kicker

Angel Moms, Whose Kids Have Been Killed By Illegal Immigrants, Share Their Stories

'I absolutely went numb. My life shattered at that moment'

Arizona Rep Dreams About 'Totally Kicking The S**t' Out Of Republicans

Sounds like a normal guy

Floyd Mayweather Reveals He Will Fight In Massive Rematch

Who will win?

'Trumpian Tactics' -- CNN's Stelter Calls Out Avenatti For Daily Caller Criticism

'Trying to drive a wedge between real and fake journalists'

Republican Representative Calls For Members Of Congress To Be Drug Tested

'Damn straight'

GOP Congressional Candidate Slams Media, Democratic Leadership For Ignoring Knife Attack

'I thought he was going to kill me'

'It Should Have Been Brought Up' -- Dem Sen. Doug Jones Thinks Brett Kavanaugh Allegations Should've Been Handled Differently

Jake Tapper Gives Up On Getting Answers From Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On Health Care Funding

'I guess I won't get an answer'

The Most Underreported Stories Of The Week

These stories are getting swept under the rug

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