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James Comey's Closed-Door Testimony: What You Need To Know

'He couldn't remember over 200 times'

CNN's Alisyn Camerota Taken Aback By Former GOP Senator's Straight Talk: 'Why Don't You Leave People Alone'

'Why don’t you leave people alone'

Here's What The Media Isn't Telling You About The Paris Riots

Climate change

Steve Cohen Asks Google To Look Into 'Overuse' Of Conservative News Outlets At Hearing

'Yet the first thing that comes up is The Daily Caller'

Report: Pelosi Said Meeting With Trump Was Like Getting Peed On By A Skunk

'It was so wild'

Watch The Preview For The 'South Park' Season Finale. It Looks Outstanding

It should be great

Pelosi, Schumer Ask Trump To Take Talks Away From Cameras — Trump Refuses

'But it's not bad, Nancy. It's called transparency'

Deontay Wilder Has Some Harsh Words For Floyd Mayweather. Here's What He Said

He does not hold back

'View' Hosts, Audience Attack 4-Star General John Kelly — Meghan McCain Shames Them Into Silence

'He lost his son in combat'

A Lot Of Mexican Cartel Members Look Like They'll Die In The Latest 'SEAL Team' Episode

It looks very entertaining

Has The Left Gone Crazy?

'Call the police'

Presidential Historian Predicts Trump Will Resign From Office

'He’s fighting every moment'

UFC Star Reveals How Much Weight She Has To Lose To Fight Again. It's A Ton

Could you do it?

Sen. Angus King Warns Trump Impeachment Talk Will Only 'Inflame' His Base And Make Things Worse

'Impeachment is a very high standard in my view'

Who Should Be Time's Person Of The Year?

'Powerful message'

Democrat Jerry Nadler Says Google Can Discriminate Against Conservatives Because Fairness Doctrine Is Gone

Said discrimination is Google's right

Judge Napolitano Hopes Brett Kavanaugh Voted With Planned Parenthood For The Right Reasons

'I hope he vote with the intellectual honesty'

Charles Barkley Issues A Very Ominous Warning To People Who Threaten Athletes

'You might kill them'

Dennis Rodman Gives Update On His Substance Abuse Following January Arrest

Sad details

Which Democrat Should Trump Want To Run Against In 2020?

There are so many great possibilities!

Time For Trump To Take His Border Wall Fight To The Voters, Says Mike Huckabee

'You take it to the people'

Here Is What Army-Navy Football Fans Think Of Anthem Kneelers [VIDEO]

'Colin Kaepernick should be ashamed of himself'

Sunny Hostin Argues That Clinton Was Impeached For Affair. He Wasn't

Joy Behar called her out

Scarborough Says Supreme Court Will Decide If Trump Can Be Indicted Or Not

'This president has to be indicted'

Protesters Arrested Inside Nancy Pelosi's Office Demanding Dems Address Climate Change

Dems yelling at Dems

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