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Newly Minted Citizens Explain The Benefits Of Immigrating The Right Way: Legally


Behind The Scenes Of A Judge Brett Kavanaugh Protest [VIDEO]

Those Expecting Fireworks At Christine Ford's Kavanaugh Hearing Should Pump The Breaks, Says Law Professor Jonathan Turley

'They are unlikely to make a serious mistake'

Kavanaugh Accuser Scheduled To Testify In Front Of Senate Judiciary Committee As Request For FBI Investigation Remains Unfulfilled

No options

Mazie Hirono Attacks Kavanaugh, Dodges Questions About Ellison

'I want to be very laser focused'

It's Offensive Christine Ford Thinks She Can 'Renegotiate The Rules Of The Senate,' Says Jason Chaffetz

'There's a reason why we do it the way we do it'

Lindsey Graham: FBI And DOJ Waging 'Bureaucratic Coup' Against Trump

'McCabe, Ohr, Page and Strzok'

Chuck Todd Questions Senator Perdue About Kavanaugh: 'Does Public Opinion Matter?'

'Well, there are two issues'

Fox's Chris Wallace: All 10 Senate Judiciary Dems Refused Invites For Second Week

'Or they don't want to talk'

Dem Rep Ups Kavanaugh Allegation To Rape — CNN Fails To Offer Correction

'The last thing you want to do'

It's The First Day Of Fall. Check Out These Festive Activities To Start The Season Off Right

Festivals, leaf-peeping and lots of fried food

Gowdy: Russia Docs Are 'Embarrassing' For John Brennan, DOJ And FBI

Says Brennan is 'part of the reason we are in this historic conundrum'

Keith Ellison Defends Himself Against Allegations Of Abuse, Says He's Not Sure What Others May 'Cook Up'

'They're not true'

Cruz Forces Democratic Opponent To Repeatedly Claim He Supports Second Amendment -- His Views On Gun Control Suggest Otherwise

'Of course I support the Second Amendment'

The Only Reason The Browns Won Last Night Is Because They Tried To Be The Super Bowl LII Champions

Are you kidding me?

Kellyanne Censures Christine Blasey Ford's Lawyers For Doing Too Much TV

'I just heard a whole laundry list of them on CNN'

Wild Fight Breaks Out At Sushi Restaurant, Ends With A Police Chase [VIDEO]


Kellyanne Wonders Why Kavanaugh Vote Is Being Delayed For Dems Who Won't Vote For Him Anyway

'Politicizing the process'

MLB Legend Weighs In On Latest 'Always Sunny' Episode With Hilarious Tweet


Fox News Guest Points Out Surprise Parallels Between Clarence Thomas And Brett Kavanaugh And It's Not About Sexual Misconduct

'Many parallels'

Kris Jenner Reveals That She Delivered Kylie Jenner's Baby [VIDEO]

'She was so calm'

Alan Dershowitz Says There's 'No Evidence Whatsoever' Of Kavanaugh's Guilt, Then Gives Democrats A Gender Psychology Lesson

'Are women born with a special gene for telling the truth?'

Let's See What These Republican Women In Florida Think About The Kavanaugh Accusation

'No, I have no sympathy'

Kavanaugh Confirmation A Display That GOP Is Nothing But 'Ignorant White Men,' Says 'Morning Joe' Guest

'I know I'm living in dreamland'

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