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Avenatti May Sue Tucker Carlson For Defending His Own Daughter

Carlson's daughter was reportedly harassed

Speculation Swirls After Michael Cohen Spotted In Washington With His Lawyer

Former Trump lawyer has met with Mueller's team numerous times

Man Who Allegedly Called Tucker Carlson's Daughter A 'Wh**e' Sits On The Board Of A Women's Group. Here's What They Said

Believe all women?

Andrea Mitchell Spreads Fake News About The Broward County Election Supervisor

That's nowhere close to being true

Planned Parenthood President Says Organization Is All 'About Saving People's Lives'

'We deliver life-saving care'

Topless Protester In Paris Blocks Trump's Motorcade

A guard is seen tackling her

Photos Show Extent Of Devastation From California Wildfires

'I have faith that Paradise will come back'

Chip Roy Turns Tables On Democrats: They Have 'Blood On Their Hands' On The Border

'I'm tired of letting them take the high ground'

Daniel Crenshaw Drops The Mic On People Easily Offended About 'SNL' Joke. Here's What He Said

Do you agree with him?

Happy Birthday To The US Marine Corps -- A Daily Caller Salute To Heroes At Home And Abroad

'It's just what we do as Marines'

Prayer Helps Family Escape Raging California Wildfire

'Heavenly Father, please help us'

Topless Protester Runs Toward Trump's Motorcade In Paris

'Fake peacemaker'

Fallen Soldier's Gift To His Son 15 Years Later Brings Him To Tears


'Oh My God': Woman Captures Hair-Raising Video As She Flees California Wildfire

'Please Let Me Out Of Here'

Nadler: House Dems 'Could Subpoena Mueller' If Russia Probe Is Shut Down

Dems says they have options of Mueller investigation is cut short

Dan Crenshaw Makes 'SNL' Appearance, Accepts Apology From Pete Davidson

'We can remember what brings us together as a country and still see the good in each other'

Former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw Has A Message For All Americans This Veterans Day

'Never forget'

Comedian Sarah Silverman Jokes She's 'Lucky' She Isn't Required To Wear Star Of David In The Trump Era

Her joke coincided with the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht

Never-Trump Republican Rick Wilson: Trump Was 'One Millisecond' From Calling April Ryan The 'N-Word'

'I think that angry Donald Trump is often closer to the true core of this guy'

Protesters Say They Prefer Jeff Sessions

They were protesting Whitaker

Joe Lieberman's Formula For Democrats Winning In 2020 Doesn't Include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

'The last thing the Democratic Party should do'

Joy Reid Suggests Florida Democratic Voters Might Be Racist

'A lot of that you have to put down to race-based voting'

Tucker Carlson Targeted, Wife And House Under Siege

His wife was home and locked herself in their pantry

MSNBC's Craig Melvin Mixes Up Parkland Kids, Gets Called Out During Awkward Interview

'Are you guys cool?'

OPINION: This Is A Good Example Of Why More White House Press Passes Should Be Revoked

'Reporters are throwing post-election tantrums'

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