D.C. Doesn't Believe The Mueller Report. Do You?

'I just think that people don't like Trump'

The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald Alleges He Was Banned From MSNBC

'They wanted their audience not to know that anybody was questioning or expressing skepticism'

Media Won't Abandon Russia Story Because It's All They've Know For Two Years And It's Good For Business

'They will try to keep this alive as long as possible'

Here's What Had Ariana Grande In Tears During Her Concert Last Night

'Thanks for accepting my humanness'

MLB Player Tries To Get Into Canada With His Team. There Was Just One Major Problem

What was he thinking?

After 2 Years Of Collusion Headlines, CNN Releases Poll That Shows How Little Voters Care About Russia

'Zero, zero, zero respondents said Russia'

The Preview For The New Episode Of The Best Military Show On TV Has Arrived. Fans Will Love It

It looks awesome

Saints Coach Opens Up About The State Of Officiating In The NFL After Blown Call. Here's What He Said

He should be mad

Kimmel Aims Jokes At CNN After Mueller Collusion Dud

Calls Mueller report 'a big league victory'

Border Patrol Agent Thanks Defense Department For Boosting Border Security

'Phenomenal partner to us on the ground'

Best Wedding Ever? Marriage Ceremony During March Madness Game Featured One Big Thing For The Fans

Would you have skipped the wedding?

Colbert Says Trump 'Only Has Himself To Blame' For Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory

'Because he lies so much'

Johnny Manziel's Coach Reveals If He'll Start The Next Game

Is it the correct call?

Joe Scarborough Calls Media Critics 'Corrupt'

'Don't knock reporters ... for doing their job right'

Will Rob Gronkowski Ever Play Again? Here's What His Agent Said

Should he return?

College Football Attendance Has Plummeted. Should The Numbers Concern Fans?

It's not a great situation

MSNBC Panel Admits Mueller Report 'Undercuts Almost Everything' In Steele Dossier

'Undercuts almost everything that was in the dossier'

Kellyanne Conway Runs Into Sarah Sanders During Media Gaggle, Makes Two-Word Russia Joke That Sent Her Rolling


March Madness: Are Major Upsets Set To Come?

The tournament has lacked a true Cinderella story

We Saw This Video Of Illegal Immigrants Getting Busted And Had To Add Benny Hill Music

Not far from the Mexico-US border

Special Counsel Finally Released The Report — Here’s What We Know

'It also does not exonerate him'

'I Don't Want To Go There,' House Dem Dodges When Asked If There's Evidence To Keep Investigating Trump

Hamas, Israel Agree To Second Ceasefire In 10 Days

'Israel will not tolerate this. I will not tolerate this'

Giuliani Demands Cuomo Apologize For Collusion Hype In Heated Debate

'A cheap National Enquirer story'

Don Jr. Takes On 'Leader Of The Tinfoil Hat Brigade' Adam Schiff

'He's lying to the American people'

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