Meet The Hispanic Americans Of Trump's America

'We're not global citizens, we're Americans.'

Grilling Tips For Memorial Day Weekend

Harrison Ford Has Definite Ideas About Who Should Play 'Indiana Jones' When He's Gone

'Don't you get it?'

EXCLUSIVE: Tucker Carlson's One Piece Of Advice For All Journalists

'I have a job where I can't stop talking'

Illegal Immigrant Arrested After Impregnating 11-Year-Old Girl, Likely To Be Deported

'I didn't believe it'

Judicial Nominee Accused Of Anti-Catholic Bigotry On Track For Confirmation

Hawley accused Bogren of comparing Catholics to the KKK

Convenience Store Clerk Loses Job After Chasing Off Armed Robber With A Gun

'Zero tolerance weapons policy'

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace Asks Beto: ‘What Can We Do Better’ To Cover Your Campaign

‘How do we confront climate change before it’s too late?’

Ex-CIA Officials Fume About Declassification Order, Ignoring Previous Leaks Of Secret Sources And Methods

John Brennan claims he's concerned by Trump's declassification order

One Of The Last Navajo Code Talkers Passes Away At 94

Veteran and state Senator

Anderson Cooper Blasts Facebook Over Fake Pelosi Video, Asks Exec If It Should 'Get Out Of The News Business'

'We're in the social media business'

Did Trump Share A Doctored Video Designed To Make Pelosi Look Drunk?


Tom Cotton Has A Request For Americans This Memorial Day, Our 'Most Sacred National Holiday'

'Remember them'

How Do You Pronounce Buttigieg? We Ask DC

Boot edge edge?

Fox News' Chris Wallace Echoes Dem Talking Point By Claiming Pelosi Got Under Trump's Skin

19 examples between CNN and MSNBC saying that phrase

WH Reporter Blows Her Top During Trump's Departure To Japan — Starts Shouting About The Popular Vote

Umm, haven't we been over this?

Trump 'Hopes' Barr Scrutinizes British And Australian Role In 'Hoax' Investigation

Trump takes aim at 'Five Eyes' allies

Kurt Schlichter Tells Tucker What Liberals Are About To Ban Next

'Have you checked your pet privilege?'

Reporter Heads To Airport In Search Of Rep Chip Roy Before He Leaves DC

'Speaker Pelosi come back, please!'

New Video Uncovered From Bernie Sanders's USSR Honeymoon

'Are you sure we're in the right place?'

The Best Western Show On TV Returns In A Few Weeks. Here's The Video Every Single Fan Needs To Watch To Prepare

It's great

White House Aide Says WSJ Falsely Accused Him Of Speaking To Meeting He Didn't Attend

'I've seen the first one, Mr. President'

Top Democrat Jerry Nadler Nearly Passes Out During De Blasio Presser

'He is now responsive'

Golden State Warriors Announce Some Awful News About Star Player. Should Fans Start Panicking?

This isn't good

CNN's John King Pushes Back On Schiff Calling Investigation Into Russia Probe Origins 'Un-American'

'They have every right and every reason to look at the origins of an investigation that involved a presidential campaign'

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