The Democrats Are Coming Up With Clever Schemes To Expand Their Voter Bloc

Now they want 16-year-olds to vote

Prosecutor Who Was Fired By Trump Reveals He Considered Taping Phone Call With Trump

'It would be my word against his, if he decides to say something inappropriate'

Deployed Dad Gives Son The Surprise Of A Lifetime During Taekwondo Pratice

Pass the tissues

'When Are We Going To Get An Actual Policy From You?' — Beto Questioned On His Lack Of Policy Specifics

'Just like platitudes and nice stories'

2020 Democrats Support Slavery Reparations: What Does This Mean?

'Discrimination in the colonies and the United States from 1619 to the present'

POLL: Will You Gamble On March Madness? Here's Why You Will If You Love America

How much will you wager?

Here's What The Man Accusing Michael Jackson Of Sexual Abuse Has To Say About Muting Jackson's Music

What do you think?

Steve Cohen Says The Electoral College Must Be Done Away With Because It Was 'Conceived in Sin'

'You have to amend the Constitution'

Woman Who Climbed Statue Of Liberty To Protest Trump Sentenced To 5 Years Probation

She showed up to the courtroom with tape over her mouth

Is Russell Wilson Going To Get Traded? The Asking Price Would Be Extremely High

He's a star

'He's Not Going To Be Hauled Out In Handcuffs': Trump-Fired Prosecutor Disappoints 'The View'

'Now I'm worried that I'll disappoint the crowd'

There's One Question Everybody Has For March Madness, And It'll Make Duke's Critics Very Mad

What do you think?

'Game Of Thrones' Star Had To Enter Therapy Over This Epic Scene In The Show. Here's What He Said

It was a great scene

Amy Schumer Says She Married A Man With Autism Spectrum Disorder And People Are Freaking Out

'I love him very much'

Koppel: NYT And WaPo Not What They Used To Be Thanks To Trump Vendetta

'I’m terribly concerned'

Sarah Sanders Trolls CNN's Jim Acosta For Criticizing Daily Caller Reporter

'Dear Diary'

Cardi B To Make Big Screen Debut With Jennifer Lopez In Stripper Movie


NCAA Announces If One Of The Best QBs In America Will Be Eligible To Play. The Decision Will Make ACC Fans Riot

He's a great quarterback

Huckabee Makes The Claim That Twitter Has Morphed Into A Public Utility

'They are in essence a contributing force to the Democratic Party'

Trump Blasts Dem Efforts To Pack Supreme Court

'It won’t happen, I guarantee you, for six years'

Here's What Trump Has To Say About His Accomplishments That You Won't Hear From The Media

'It's good to see but will it last?'

NFL Teams Are Preparing For The Arizona Cardinals To Make A Major Quarterback Move

Who would take him?

Remember The NFL Star Who Gave His Bench The Middle Finger? He's Finally Revealed Who It Was Aimed At

He has since left the team

MLB Player Gets The Largest Contract In The History Of Sports. Here's How Much Money He'll Make

So much cash

Judge Napolitano Says Devin Nunes's $250 Million Lawsuit Against Twitter May Only Be For Show

'We haven’t seen anything like this before'

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