Adam Schiff Still Believes There Is 'Compelling And Incriminating' Evidence Of Collusion


Doug Collins On Democrats Investigating Russian Collusion: 'It’s All They Have'

'They have an agenda against the President'

'A Very, Very Bad Day For CNN' — Alan Dershowitz Rips Media That 'Misinformed The American Public'

'Look, I’ve been vindicated'

Top-Ranking Democrat Says Mueller Report Doesn't Matter -- 'We Know There Was Collusion'

'Why there's been no indictments, we don't know'

Carl Bernstein Defends The Press: 'One Of The Great Reporting Jobs In History'

Mueller report threatens CNN's business model

Ted Cruz Blasts House Democrats: 'They Are Going To Impeach The President For Being Donald Trump'

'They don't care about the evidence'

Jim Jordan Wants Anything Related To Mueller Probe To Be Public — 'Release It All'

'Desperate to stop Trump'

Democrats' Collusion Predictions Blow Up In Their Faces

'We know there was collusion'

The 2020 Democratic Candidates Are Saying And Doing Noticeably Strange Things

Why though?

Lara Logan's Response To Mueller Report Is An Indictment Of American Media

'I don't see screaming headlines that say this vindicates the president.'

Tucker Calls For Roger Stone Pardon, Thinks Adam Schiff And Eric Swalwell Should Resign In Disgrace

'This has been a disaster'

Joy Reid: Mueller Report Conclusion 'Feels Like The Seeds Of A Cover-Up'

Just, wow!

Man Charged In New York City Subway Attack On 78-Year-Old Woman

'Thank you to the worldwide community for the tremendous assistance'

Meet The Maxim Model Leading The 'Jexodus' Movement

'We reject anti-Semitism'

MSNBC Reporter In The Field Caught Doing Sickening Act On Live TV

'What’s the situation for you?'

78-Year-Old Woman Kicked In Face On NYC Subway, Bleeds As Onlookers Do Nothing


College Basketball Powerhouse Goes Down In Flames During March Madness. The Highlights Will Make Fans Cry

It wasn't good

'Vindication' — CNN Analysts Admit Mueller Report 'Really Good News' For Trump

'This is really good news for a lot of people around Donald Trump'

Rep. Ted Lieu Admits There Is Not Enough Evidence To Impeach Trump Right Now

'So our investigations are going to continue'

FLASHBACK: 4 Presidential Candidates Have Spoke At AIPAC Before — Not This Year

Not a single presidential candidate is planning on attending the event

Is The 'Year Of The Woman' Ending As Female 2020 Campaigns Are Overshadowed?

Joe Biden is leading in the polls, and he hasn't even announced yet

Rachel Maddow Spends Opening Segment Barely Holding Back Tears About Mueller Report

So brave

Eric Swalwell Reacts To Mueller Report News

'I don't see how he does not have indictments waiting for him considering that he is Individual 1'

Ancient Canyon In Iceland Now Closed To Visitors Thanks To Justin Bieber

'This canyon was somewhat unknown'

The TV Ratings From March Madness Are In. The Numbers Aren't Pretty

Can you believe how bad they were?

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