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Economic Policies for the 21st Century is a new nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to economic research and innovative public policies for the 21st century. <br /> <br /> We aim to advance free enterprise, fiscal discipline, economic growth, and the rule of law. Drawing on the expertise of practitioners, policymakers, and academics, we will encourage a spirited debate about the way forward for democratic capitalism. And we will do so in a manner that is accessible and engaging, in a way that appeals to both experts and non-experts. <br /> <br /> We are supportive of free markets while recognizing the need to devise and implement a reasonable structure of law and regulation that will help ensure our financial markets avoid a catastrophic event in the future. We are therefore focused on developing policies that advance market performance and implementing rules to prevent market malfunction.<br /> <br /> We will seek out the creative ideas of market participants and work to better integrate these practical perspectives into the policy process. Their experience on the frontlines enables them to identify market trends that frequently go unobserved by others. <br /> <br /> The analysis at e21 will be deeply grounded in empirical evidence, not ideology. We have a broad definition of “economic policy.” We will cover macro and micro issues across a variety of policy areas, like tax, health care, energy, budget, trade, entitlements, housing, transportation, and financial markets - just to name a few.