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Joy Brighton is a longtime champion of women’s rights. Notably, in 1998, Joy partnered with a major international charity to create one of the earliest micro-finance programs for women in Africa, and the first financial literacy course for women in Mozambique. Concerned about the abuse of women in America, sanctioned in the name of religion, culture or sharia, Joy published her first book: Sharia-ism is Here: The Battle for Control of Women; and Everyone Else.

Joy Brighton is a also a former Wall Street trader who today is part of an international team of experts concerned about the non-transparent risks of the Sharia Finance market, and threat to global free capital markets.

A graduate of a top business school, Joy was a fixed-income salesperson/trader for a bulge bracket investment firm, and an adjunct Professor of Securities and Investments at various colleges. Later, with a Masters in Psychological Counseling, Joy worked as an executive coach catering to investment professionals. Joy speaks with legal, policy, grass roots, and legislative leaders who are concerned about the challenge of Sharia-ism, the political movement of Radical Islam to: America’s national security, civil and women’s rights, First Amendment freedoms, sovereignty of U.S. Law and free capital financial markets.

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