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CEO, PDL Capital

Lawrence Meyers is the CEO of PDL Capital. The firm serves specialty lenders and consumer finance businesses.<br /> <br /> Larry's financial acumen is grounded in 20 years in the financial markets. He has written over, 1,200 articles on finance and public policy for,, The Motley Fool, SeekingAlpha, and InvestorPlace, WyattReasearch, and LearnBonds on all areas of finance. His articles have generated over two million unique page views.<br /> <br /> His work has been praised for its insight, humor, and use of investor psychology in his analysis of personal finance matters, and stock market investing. He attributes his skill to his many years writing for dramatic television. He has written over 24 hours, and produced 60 hours, of dramatic television.<br /> <br /> He is also the author of “Teacher of the Year: The Mystery and Legacy of Edwin Barlow”, which 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft has praised; “Inside the TV Writer's Room: Practical Advice for Succeeding in Screenwriting”; and “Bond Forever: A Film Buff's Cinematic Analysis of the James Bond Series”. <br /> <br /> Lawrence has more than 20 years of personal finance and investing experience, and has covered stocks across virtually every sector of the market. He was the first U.S. journalist to cover the short-term consumer lending sector. <br /> <br /> In 2006, he co-founded a private equity venture in the alternative consumer finance industry and is now regarded as a national expert. He frequently consults for hedge funds and private equity via his Council Member status at Gerson Lehman Group, and as a member of Coleman Research Group’s Executive Forum. <br /> <br /> His Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor have appeared in over two dozen major newspapers.