Matthew Bechstein and Ross Hemminger

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Co-Directors, GOProud

Matt Bechstein was born in California, but considers Iowa his home state, after having spent most of his life there and attending the University of Iowa. While a student, Bechstein served as the Executive Director of the Iowa Federation of College Republicans. Also while in Iowa, Matt served as the Western Iowa Political Director for Iowans for Tax Relief. Before taking leave to help with the 2012 election cycle, Matt earned his stripes as the Manger of Operations and Outreach for GOProud, and now serves as the co-director of GOProud.<br /> <br /> Ross Hemminger grew up in northwest Ohio. His political involvement began as a volunteer Teenage Republican for President George W. Bush's reelection campaign in 2004. In 2007 he was an intern for US Rep. Jim Jordan's district office where his passion for government and politics was cemented. <br /> <br /> Ross attended college at Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida where he started a College Republican organization. In 2010 the University removed him from the board of the Ave Maria University College Republicans over his work for a pro-gay marriage state senate candidate. This began his efforts to encourage conservative Republican groups to work with Republicans across the board and embrace a big tent party philosophy. More recently, Hemminger served northern and eastern Virginia as a Field Representative from the College Republican National Committee. He served as Coalitions Organizer for US Senator Scott Brown's reelection campaign and as Field Director for Gabriel Gomez's 2013 US Senate campaign.