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Steven I. Weissman is an attorney practicing law in South Florida.

He authored a proposed opt-out organ donation system, which some call “presumed consent,”

designed to ease the shortage of human organs for transplantation. The U.S. National Heart

Transplantation Study (1984/85 at page 33-84, note 92), expressly states that it “heavily” relied

upon Weissman’s opt-out proposal. Initially considered a radical idea, presumed consent for

organ donation has been adopted by at least 25 other nations and it is gaining mainstream support

in the U.S.

In 2013, when a long time client and friend died, Weissman was asked to serve as interim

president of an established 247 bed acute care hospital client had founded in Miami-Dade

County, Florida. The insider’s view of the U.S. healthcare system motivated Weissman to

become an energetic advocate for pricing reform.

He has written on healthcare and non-healthcare legal topics and served as an adjunct professor

at both the University of Miami School of Law and Nova University Graduate Management Program.

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