Jim Zumwalt and Arik Arad

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Lt. Col. James Zumwalt is a retired Marine infantry officer who served in the Vietnam war, the 1989 intervention into Panama and Desert Storm. An author, speaker and business executive, he also currently heads a security consulting firm named after his father—Admiral Zumwalt &amp; Consultants, Inc.<br /> <br /> Arik Arad has over 30 years of experience in the security and defense sectors where he has been instrumental in creating and implementing new security guidelines, programs and concepts in the international, domestic and private sector as well as collaboration with governmental entities in Israel, the U.S. and Canada. <br /> <br /> Previous positions include Head of Security for El Al, Ben Gurion Airport; Head of Security for the Shopping Centers Associations of Israel; CEO, International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS) USA; and Israeli Consul for Special Missions, Israeli Consulate, Canada. Mr. Arad also brings a wealth of business development experience including identifying potential acquisitions, conducting due diligence as well as managing acquired companies. At the request of former President Bush (Sr.), Mr. Arad served on the Presidential Committee on Aviation, and participated in several congressional committee hearings on the subject.