Glenn Beck Explains Why Trump Connects With Americans

'Bold action — who else does that?'

Famous Statue Of Sailor Kissing Nurse Vandalized With #MeToo Statement

'A jubilant act'

Andrew McCabe: Decision To Investigate Trump As A Russian Agent Was Based On Public Information, Not Secret Intel

'I'm not so sure that there are things that haven't been made public'

'What You Are Saying Is A Lie' — Tucker Calls Out Democratic Activist Arguing For Identity Politics

'[I]n fact, most poor people in America are white, as you know'

Andrew McCabe Still Believes 'It's Possible' That Trump's A Russian Asset

'We were committed to our responsibilities and serving this country'

Trump's Reaction To Bernie's Candidacy Is Raising Eyebrows

'I like Bernie'

Will Matthew McConaughey Reprise One Of His Most Famous Roles? It Appears Like There's A Very Real Chance

Here's what we know

McCarthy Condemns Omar For Fundraising For A Hamas-Linked Organization

'This isn't the first time, when you look what she’s been doing earlier in Congress as well'

Cardi B Turns On Smollett: He 'Fu--ed Up Black History Month'

'Why would you do that'

Mueller's Not Enough: Democrats Preparing New Investigations Of Trump-Russia

No end in sight

Seth Rogen Has A New Movie Coming, And It Looks Hilarious

Watch the trailer here

Trey Gowdy Goes After Adam Schiff For Claiming Evidence Of Russian Collusion

'What's the evidence of crime that you have, Chairman Schiff?'

Andrew McCabe Says He 'Absolutely' Will Support Mueller's Report Even If No Collusion Is Found

McCabe acknowledges he has met with special counsel

The Clintons and Mayor De Blasio Live Behind Massive Walls — See For Yourself

You have to see it to believe it

Michigan's Governor Put A Demand On Immigration Centers They Couldn't Meet. State Rep Claims It's Devastating To His Community

'Literally just torpedoed the deal'

What Was Jussie Smollett's Most Convincing Performance?


Texas Boy Says Adults Called Him 'Little Hitler' When He Started Raising Money For The Wall

'There's going to be a little backlash'

Jim Jordan Claims Andrew McCabe Told Him Something Completely Different About Trump And Russia

'Look, you can’t trust Andy McCabe'

Florida Voters Mock Bernie Sanders After He Announces His Plans For 2020

'Send in the clowns'

How Dems Forced Trump To Take A Bad Immigration Deal

Deal or no deal?

Heisman Winner Makes Big Announcement About The NFL Draft Combine. Should GMs Be Nervous?

What do you think?

Justice Ginsburg Is Back At The Supreme Court, And She's Sending A Message

RBG was looking especially spry

'Shall We Call It On Smollett?' — Greg Gutfeld Drags Gullible Media For Latest Hate Crime Hoax Fail

'Queue faces covered in egg'

Tucker Dedicates Segment To The Phrase 'Republicans Pounce'

'Fangs bared, claws extended, they leap with feline precision and devour'

POLL: Should The NFL Have Settled With Colin Kaepernick? Voters Overwhelmingly Voted For One Choice

What would you have done?

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