Senator Elizabeth Warren Released Her DNA Tests, What Exactly Did It Prove?

Menendez Opponent Goes For The Jugular: Brings Up His Underage Accusers

Underage prostitutes?

Maria Bartiromo Reminds Congressman That America Has Been Doing Deals With 'Amoral' Actors For Years

'Let’s not forget that'

LSU Football Program Hit With Absurd Fine. Fans Should Revolt

This is absurd

Hillary Clinton Car Accident Caught On Camera

Hope she is okay

Secret Tape Reveals Why Hyde-Smith Refuses To Debate McDaniel

'I love debates'

NBC Reporter Asks Elderly Woman About Shirt, Her Reaction Cracks Him Up

'If you don’t like it, go to Venezuela.'

PolitiFact Declares Something Blatantly True 'Mostly False'

'Protesting our troops in a pink tutu'

Ben Sasse Suggests Cutting Arm Sales To Saudi Arabia Amid Human Rights Controversy

'Everything has to be on the table'

Jimmy Kimmel Endorses Republican Candidate But Not For The Reason You Think

'Never did I imagine that I would be doing this'

Untrained 'Jane Seven' Aborted Babies Illegally In Chicago For Years Before Roe, Members Say

'None of us had any medical experience'

Lou Barletta Calls Out Bob Casey For Hurtful Ad: 'The Lowest Thing I've Ever Experienced'

'Shame on him'

There's Growing Speculation That This World-Famous Rapper Is Going To Run For Chicago Mayor

Announcement coming Tuesday

Trump Stops Walk To Marine One To Compliment Melania

'She did a great job on television the other night. I didn't do so bad, either. She did a great job on thank you, everybody'

CNN's John Avlon Accuses Trump Of 'Tripling Down' On 'Punitive' Policy Of Family Separation To Limit Border Crossings

'That is a very different vision of America than many folks have'

Marco Rubio Says America's Reputation On 'Human Rights' Should Trump Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia

'There isn’t enough money in the world to purchase back our credibility on human rights'

If Democrats Take Control Of Congress Expect A Caravan Of Illegal Immigrants To March On The Border Every Week, Says Former ICE Director Tom Homan

'I've been doing this for 34 years. I can guarantee that, yes'

UNC Student Found Guilty For Throwing Red Paint And Blood On 'Silent Sam' Statue

Statue was torn down by protesters on Aug. 20

Cherokee Nation Leader Blasts Elizabeth Warren's 'Wholly Inappropriate' DNA Test


Elizabeth Warren's Native American 'Ancestry' Is The Greatest Self-Own Ever


CNN's David Gregory Compares Trump To OJ Simpson For Offering Alternate Theory For Missing Saudi Journalist

'It’s just absurd'

Doula Has Looked Into More Than 2,000 Pairs Of Eyes Of Women Who've Aborted Their Babies

'Makes a lot of sense'

Bengals Player Delivers One Of The Dirtiest Hits You'll Ever See. Should He Be Suspended?

What was he thinking?

Martha McSally Demanded Kyrsten Sinema Apologize For Taliban Comments During The Debate. Here's How That Played Out

'She owes us an apology'

These States Are Voting On Abortion Bills In The Midterms. Here's What You Should Know

'Split among conservatives'

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