Gun Rights Are Women's Rights — Change Anna Paulina's Mind

Air Force veteran and Vice President of 'Bienvenidos'

Candace Owens: Kanye Opened The Door For The Black Conservative Movement

'He had always been my idol'

Pro-Life Rep Speaks Out After He Was Uninvited To Security Conference Over Politics

'That's disturbing'

'Game Of Thrones' Director Reveals What He Wanted To Do Differently, And It's A Billion Times Better Than The Actual Ending

Would fans have liked it?

Merkel Blames Dehydration For Disturbing Shaking Incident

'Doing very well now'

Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban Used Epic Move To Score A Recruit. Is It Proof He's The Greatest College Coach Ever?

It's awesome

A High School Track Star Lost To A Biological Male. Now She's Fighting Back

'Girls like Selina should never be forced to be spectators in their own sports'

The 'Game Of Thrones' TV Ratings From Season 8 Are Outrageous. There's Only Two Other Cable Shows That Got Even Close

Can you believe the numbers?

NBA Player Makes Incredibly Embarrassing Decision Involving Alcohol During Championship Parade. Should He Be Suspended?

Here's what happened

Victor Davis Hanson Tells Tucker Why California Is 'America's First Third-World State'

'It is a lot like 'Road Warrior.' Funny you said that'

High School Student's Graduation Speech Claims School Did Nothing To Stop Bullying, Sexual Assault

'The administration closes their eyes to everything'

LaVar Ball Makes Suggestive Comment To Female ESPN Host. Should He Be Banned From TV?

A classless comment

In Support Of Trans People, Mastercard No Longer Requires A Legal Name

'It puts me in a place where I feel like I’m in danger'

Former Quarterback Teases Another Comeback To The NFL. Is He Serious?

The old gunslinger

Pompeo Says Trump 'Does Not Want War' With Iran

'Iran war is HIGHLY likely unless Trump swallows his pride'

Mexico Is Ramping Up Its Security Efforts After Trump's Tariff Threats

Mexico has created a security branch called the National Guard

Golden State Warriors Take Out Embarrassing Newspaper Ad After Losing To The Raptors. It's Absolutely Disgraceful


MSNBC Guest: Trump Is 'Enacting Terror On Families'

'What he announced on Twitter ... It was a terroristic act'

Border Patrol Agent Offers To Give Ocasio-Cortez A Personal Tour Of Detention Facility After 'Disgusting' Holocaust Comparison

'It's definitely a slap in the face'

EXCLUSIVE: Kyle Kashuv's Apology: 'I Wish I Could Take It Back'

'What can I do in this gap year to right this wrong?'

Eric Swalwell Talked About Gun Control In Front Of The NRA. Here's How It Went

The NRA hit back

Legendary Football Coach Mike Leach Reportedly Almost Became The Head Coach Of This SEC Team

This is an interesting development

Film Executive Reveals If A Major Film Franchise Will Continue Producing New Content. Fans Should Be Very Nervous

It's not great

Major Publication Has Bold Prediction About Nebraska's Football Team. Should Their Low Energy Fans Get Their Hopes Up?

What will happen?

OJ Simpson In A White Bronco Led Police On A Chase 25 Years Ago Today

2-hour journey was watched by 95 million viewers.

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