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[Insert Robocop reference here before you post this. DO NOT FORGET]

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From the London Evening Standard, via BoingBoing, via Instapundit:

A gunman in a wheelchair surrenders after a day-long hostage drama at a US post office.

Warren Taylor, who had reportedly entered the building pushing the chair while claiming to be carrying explosives, gave himself up and released three people he was holding…

A team of SWAT police sheltered behind vehicles as Taylor wheeled himself out and “surrendered” to a bomb-disposal robot.

Remember those carefree childhood days of summer, playing Wheelchairs vs. Robots with your friends? “HALT! PUNY! HUMAN!” “No, no, you can’t get me, I’m rolling away!” We had to make our own wheelchair out of an old chair and some wheels. Back then we knew the value of imagination and good old-fashioned hard work, not like you kids with your computers and your eye-pods.

Jim Treacher