Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Remains Strangely Silent On New York City's Elite STEM High Schools

Opinion | Mark Schulte
The fringe-left candidate's unwillingness to repudiate Bill de Blasio's destructive admission plan represents the height of political hypocrisy

OPINION: Google Marxism

Opinion | George Gilder
Marx was typical of intellectuals in imagining that his own epoch was the final stage of human history

Putin Is Killing Millions Of Americans!

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter
The left needs something a little more consequential to make us mad at Russia

OPINION: What Dirt Did Russia Have On OBAMA?

Opinion | Brett Wilkins
Obama’s policies and actions were more conciliatory toward Russia than Trump's have been

Congress Should Drop This Anti-Worker-Rights Bill

Opinion | Heather Greenaway
The use of secret ballot in elections is one of the fundamental bedrocks of our democracy

Ben Shapiro, Judaism And The Unborn: Which Stance Is The Right Stance?

Opinion | Myles Kantor
Abortion is 'a hideous sin'

Marsha Blackburn Will Fight For Life In The Senate

Opinion | Marjorie Dannenfelser
We need her more than ever

President Trump Is Getting NATO Countries Pay Their Fair Share

Opinion | Tony Shaffer
The USA contributes more money to NATO than Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom combined

OPINION: Maybe Brett Kavanaugh Can Save Conservative Supreme Court Justices From Their Judicial Activism

Opinion | Carl Szabo
On internet taxes, the liberal Supreme Court justices are the ones who oppose lawmaking from the bench

Trump And Putin Put In A Small Room

Opinion | Ron Hart
Their new slogan: Visit Russia before Russia visits you

Competition — Not Cronyism — Protects America

Opinion | Rory Riley Topping
In dealing with the government, it’s often more about who you know than what you know

'Free Iran' 2018 Gathering Should Spur Next Assertive Steps By Trump White House

Opinion | Bob Blackman
Security interests on both sides of the Atlantic align with Iran's pro-democratic interests

OPINION: Will White House Ties To Big Pharma Prevent Real Drug Cost Reform?

Opinion | Ronnie Shows
Together, we must hold the president to his word to bring down prices

My Tax Cut Was Unfair, Or So I'm Told

Opinion | James Carter
The top fifth of taxpayers will pay about 87 percent of personal federal income taxes this year

OPINION: DO NOT Repeat The Nightmare Of Socialism

Opinion | Rep. Keith Rothfus
A dead-end ideology that countless Americans gave their lives to eradicate from the globe

OPINION: Trump Is ABSOLUTELY Getting Tariffs Right (Despite The Confusion Of Overwhelmed TV Journalists)

Opinion | Joanne Butler
It is, in fact, time to reconsider some outdated trade arrangements

Here's What Tomi Lahren Got Wrong About Roe v. Wade

Opinion | Kristan Hawkins
Tomi v. Conservatives v. Roe v. Wade

Thai Soccer Team Faces Years of Potential Mental Health Challenges

Opinion | Prakash Masand
'Their mental health is fragile right now and needs to be watched carefully'

Brett Kavanaugh’s Record: A Problem For The Liberty Movement

Opinion | Brian Darling
'Kavanaugh exhibited an alarming view of the 4th Amendment that rendered it a dead letter of constitutional law'

A First Amendment Lawyer’s Take On Brett Kavanaugh

Opinion | Marc Randazza
Anyone who expects a justice to be all things to all people is a fool

Netanyahu Will Play An Important Role At The Trump-Putin Summit

Opinion | Ziva Dahl
The trio of pragmatists share the mutual goal of restraining Iran in Syria

America Is At War With Mexico Again

Opinion | Raoul Lowery-Contreras
The fourth 'war' with Mexico is on

Yes, Kavanaugh Should Overturn Roe v. Wade  

Opinion | Brian Fisher
President Trump's Supreme Court nominee is not a radical outlier on abortion

Roe V. Wade WILL Survive Brett Kavanaugh

Opinion | Jim Huffman
Ignore the apocalyptic emails predicting Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation will lead to the suppression of all our rights

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