EXCLUSIVE: Just How Dangerous Is The Border? Locals Share Their Stories

'Bad guys are coming across'

Sex Fasting: Is It Possible? Debating Justin Bieber, The Grammys And Valentine's Day

'[Bieber] is doing this sort of rebrand thing'

Bill Maher Defends Omar Tweets: 'I Don’t Know Why This Has To Be Seen As Anti-Semitic'

'She's under a lot of fire because she was talking about the Jewish lobby AIPAC'

Media Hypes Roger Stone 'Revelation' That Has Been Public For A Year

News outlets tout Stone's private messages with WikiLeaks as breaking news

Obama's Former Border Patrol Chief Blames Fight Over Border Wall On 'Identity Politics'

'How many more factually based examples do we have to provide?'

Brit Hume Tangles With Ben Rhodes, Kasie Hunt Over Kamala Harris And The Sequined Jacket

'This is just embarrassing'

Cliff Sims: How To Survive In The Trump White House

Exclusive insight into the White House

'Mass Riots': Democratic 2020 Candidate Warns Driverless Trucks Will Lead To 'Outbreak Of Violence'

'They're just gonna park their trucks across the highway, get their guns out'

Chrissy Teigen Does Commercial For Twitter And Shows How Obsessed She Is With It

She even shares a handful of her DMs.

P!nk Got 13 Stitches Doing What?


Gillibrand Signals Support For Tearing Down The Border Wall

'Helpful or unhelpful'

Hillary Refuses To Answer Question On 2020 Run

Mystery ...

Trump Says This World Leader Nominated Him For The Nobel Peace Prize

'I'll probably never get it'

Trump Says US Is 'A Lot Closer Than We Ever Were' To China Trade Deal

A big deal is coming

Judge Denies Copyright Claim For Famous 'Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' 'Carlton' Dance

A tough break

Woman Goes Ballistic On The Bus. The Video Is Absurd

She must have been having a really bad day

Woman Refuses To Move Bag On Packed Train, Cops Called To Remove Her

Passengers went crazy

Trump's Declaring A National Emergency To Build The Wall — Here's What You Need To Know

$8 billion at his disposal

Trump Calls Out Possible Court Challenges Over National Emergency: 'I Shouldn't Be Sued'

'Very rarely do you get sued when you do a national emergency'

Law Professor Jonathan Turley Explains Difference Between Obamacare Case And Trump's National Emergency

'Virtually unfettered authority to declare an emergency'

Jim Acosta Talks To Angel Mom Live On CNN Following Trump's National Emergency Declaration

'Yes. I'm a legal immigrant, my family came through the right channels. And this is my only son'

HBO President Makes Comments About Final 'Game Of Thrones' Season That Will Have Fans Going Wild

Here is what he said

'Morning Joe' Panel Criticizes Ocasio-Cortez For Her Lack Of Knowledge On Economics

'You're going to step in it if you're not careful'

Daily Caller News Foundation Reporter Henry Rodgers Breaks Down Tense Exchange With Bob Menendez

'No reason for him to threaten to call the police'

Alan Dershowitz Challenges Liberals To Publicly Support Removing Trump With 25th Amendment

'Grievous offense against the Constitution'

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