Which Democrat Should Trump Want To Run Against In 2020?

There are so many great possibilities!

Time For Trump To Take His Border Wall Fight To The Voters, Says Mike Huckabee

'You take it to the people'

Here Is What Army-Navy Football Fans Think Of Anthem Kneelers [VIDEO]

'Colin Kaepernick should be ashamed of himself'

Sunny Hostin Argues That Clinton Was Impeached For Affair. He Wasn't

Joy Behar called her out

Scarborough Says Supreme Court Will Decide If Trump Can Be Indicted Or Not

'This president has to be indicted'

Protesters Arrested Inside Nancy Pelosi's Office Demanding Dems Address Climate Change

Dems yelling at Dems

Steve Scalise Breaks Down The Need For A Border Wall

'Follow the rules'

LeBron James Pulls Off Awesome Move For Opponent's Equipment Manager

He's a solid dude

One Stat About Nick Saban Vs. Heisman Winners Should Have Alabama Fans Very Nervous

Who will win?

'Game Of Thrones' Actor Opens Up About The Famous Sex Scene

Here's what he said

Democrats Are 'Doubling Down On Police State Tactics' By Calling For Trump To Serve Jail Time, Says Dan Bongino

'I’m not exaggerating for effect'

Dean Martin's Daughter Drops An Avalanche On 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Critics: 'Get Over It!'

'It just breaks my heart'

Remember The Hit "Deadpool" Movies? They're Coming Out With Another One For This Awesome Cause

Going to be a huge success

Law Professor Jonathan Turley Calls Mueller Findings 'Serious,' But Says No Evidence Of Election Fraud

'We don’t need the hyperbole and the hype over this'

NYPD Blasted For Video Showing Officers Ripping Baby Away From Mother. Here's What It Doesn't Show

'Better than the images we witnessed'

School Bus Plummets Down Hill After Brakes Fail, Killing 4 Senior Citizens In Hong Kong

'People crying for help'

Over One Hundred Environmental Protesters Get Arrested In US Capitol

Dragged out

Macron Gets On His Knees To Beg France For 'Another Chance'

'I feel the anger'

Is The Green New Deal Really An 'Indirect Taxation' On Fuel?

'You're going to see more cost for fuel and it's going to really hit the working poor'

'Morning Joe' Says Trump's Collusion Claims Show He's 'Lost His Mind' Or Is Completely 'Stupid'

'We have a guy who at best is not playing with a full deck'

Michelle Obama's Lunch Rules Led To 'Major Food Waste Problems,' Says Independent Women's Forum

'There's nothing wrong with a child eating a corn tortilla'

Nadler Floats Impeachment, Says New Mueller Revelations Could Justify Removing Trump

Nadler will chair the Judiciary Committee in the Democratic Congress

Lindsey Graham Urges Trump To 'Dig In And Not Give In' To Get Border Wall Funding

'The caravan is a game changer'

French Protester Loses His Hand After Reportedly Grabbing An Active Stun Grenade

It left a bloody stump

Schiff Says Trump May 'Face The Very Real Prospect Of Jail Time'

‘Pretty breathtaking’

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