Can The Glory Of Notre Dame Be Restored? Or Will It Be Vandalized?

A cathedral architect lays out the missteps that could transform the ancient church forever

Things Escalated Quickly After Michael Moore Crashed A Beto Rally

'He hit my camera, Beto!'

Person Wearing Easter Bunny Costume Gets Into Crazy Fight. The Video Is Insane

Why would anybody do this?

Congressman Who Wanted To Oust Pelosi Wants To Take On Trump In 2020

'We have to beat Donald Trump'

Former High-Ranking Government Official Appeared In 'Game Of Thrones' Sunday Night. You Missed It If You Blinked

It's a pretty cool moment

Bob Woodward: FBI And CIA Handling Of Steele Dossier 'Needs To Be Investigated'

Says dossier 'has got a lot of garbage in it'

MSNBC Reporter Sticks A Mic In Robert Mueller's Face After Easter Services. It Didn't Go Well


Progressive Caucus's Arrangement With Outside Charity Violates House Ethics Rules, Experts Say

'There are so many legal issues with this setup'

Mueller Report Is Out: Can You Still Trust The Media?

'Stop pushing fake news'

GLAAD Scolds Gay US Ambassador For Criticizing Buttigieg's Attacks On Pence

Grenell fired right back

Police Officer Takes Down Multiple Guys During Wild Beach Altercation. The Video Is Insane

He lit them up

Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard Lead List Of Candidates Democrats DON'T Want To Win

'Quite down on Sanders and Gabbard'

Pompeo Says 'Nothing Has Changed' After North Korea Demands He Be Left Out Of Negotiations

'It will be my team'

NO COLLUSION: Legal Expert Helps Make Sense Of The Mueller Report

Trump isn't 'Putin's puppet'

Gillibrand: 'We All Miss' Al Franken, But He Had to Go

'We are all concerned about Senator Franken'

Reporters Conclude That It Is, Indeed, Reporters Who Came Out On Top Of The Mueller Report

'Reporting by mainstream outlets about Trump and Russia was on the mark'

Sarah Sanders Defends 'Countless FBI Agents' Comment

'Sorry that I wasn't a robot'

Sixers All-Star Steps Up After Being Roasted By Bench Player

'Once you slow him up in the half court, I think he’s average'

Johnny Manziel Reveals If He's Interested In Playing In The XFL. Does His Answer Surprise You?

Here's what he said

Kim Foxx Loses 2 Of Her Officials

Foxx's chief ethics officer and conviction integrity director

Armed Militia Is Holding Illegals From Mexico For Border Patrol

‘These individuals should not attempt to exercise authority’

Mark Levin Blasts 'Volume II' Of Mueller Report: 'It's A 200-Page Op-Ed!'

'Doesn’t have a syllable of legal significance'

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Shotguns A Beer. The Video Is Pure America

He didn't hold back

There Is A New Horror Moving Coming Out. The Trailer Is Terrifying

It should be great

Fans Run Onto The Field During A Football Game Between Women In Lingerie. It Doesn't End Well

What were they thinking?

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