Roger Stone Narrates Nixon's Martini Recipe

Nixon's 'silver bullet'

There's A New Team At The Top Of The College Basketball AP Poll. Are You Surprised By Who It Is?

What do you think?

Bodybuilder Who Lifts 5 Times A Week Tells The Heroic Story Of How He Saved A Man From An Auto Wreck

'I just jumped right in'

Woman Who Lost Her Son Tells CNN's Jim Acosta That He Owes Angel Moms A Fair Interview

'He made it about himself'

Robin Roberts Breaks Silence On Her Smollett Interview

'It was credible'

Ohio Detective Explains How Border Crisis Has Led To A Spike In Meth Overdose Deaths

'Meth is generally from Mexico'

Beto Is 'Playing Right Into President Trump's Hands': CNN Panel Scrambles To Say We Do Need Walls

'I reject the idea'

NFL Star Trashes His Quarterback With Bizarre Tweet. Has He Lost His Mind?

This wasn't smart

NBA Player Throws Down Massive Alley-Oop During All-Star Game

It was huge

Pro Quarterback Throws Absurd No-Look Pass For A Completion. The Video Will Have You Asking How It Was Possible

It's a crazy pass

'Game Of Thrones' Star Has Amazing Response To Instagram Troll, And It Involves The F-Bomb

She didn't hold back

Man Fails Spectacularly When Trying To Dunk Over A Car. The Video Is Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

What was he thinking?

Legendary Football Coach Takes Amazing Stab At Former Rival After Big Win. Some Fans Won't Be Happy


WATCH: Legendary NFL Coach Gets Emotional After His Team Wins Daytona 500

'I think J.D. had the best view of everything'

Urban Meyer Gets Spotted At A Very Unlikely Place In Florida. What Does It Mean For His Coaching Future?

What will he do?

Will Colin Kaepernick Return To The NFL? It Sounds Way More Possible Than You Might Think

Here's what we know

Tim Tebow Shreds His Critics During Awesome Speech. The Video Will Have You Hyped

His comments were great

Vox Correspondent Says 'MAGA Country' Quote In Smollett Case Was Pushed By Celebrities Not The Media

'Can't confuse celebrity tweets with the media'

‘Reliable Sources’ Guest Blamed Celebs For Stirring Up Smollett Story — But Stephen Miller Has Receipts

'Not about the media'

Adam Schiff On House Russian Probe: 'You Can See Evidence In Plain Sight'

'Pretty compelling evidence'

Stephen Miller Defends President Trump's National Emergency Declaration During Tense Exchange With Chris Wallace

'the joy of this is I get to ask you questions and you don't get to ask me ...'

'SNL' Lampoons Border Wall Deal With Giggly, Gloating 'Chuck And Nancy'

'He ate our lunch, he ate his lunch, he ate all the lunches'

EXCLUSIVE: Just How Dangerous Is The Border? Locals Share Their Stories

'Bad guys are coming across'

Cory Booker Called Smollett 'Attack' A 'Lynching,' Now He's Refusing Comment Amid New Evidence In The Case

'I'm going to withhold until all the information comes out'

Sex Fasting: Is It Possible? Debating Justin Bieber, The Grammys And Valentine's Day

'[Bieber] is doing this sort of rebrand thing'

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