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Hey, I haven't bored you guys with my personal junk all week

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If you’re new to the blog, here’s the short version: A few weeks ago I was hit by an SUV while crossing the street. In the crosswalk. With the light. I had to have reconstructive surgery on my knee, and I’m currently recovering at home. If you want to know more, go back into the archives and you’ll find more than you probably want to know on the subject.

Physically, I seem to be recovering well. I’ve been doing exercises for the knee every day, and physical therapy twice a week. My therapist Peter is pleased with my progress. Yesterday I was able to bend my knee about 80-85 degrees. (Without screaming. That’s the important part.) The exercises aren’t much fun while I’m doing them, but they really do speed up the healing process. And if I don’t do them, I could have all sorts of problems down the line. I’m determined to heal up as quickly and completely as possible. None of this is my fault, but I’m still responsible for getting better.

I’m also on two different blood thinners for a pulmonary embolism as a result of the surgery, so I’m getting blood drawn twice a week. (Hi, Abdul!) It’s kind of a delicate process, getting the blood to the exact thickness they want, and it’s taking longer than I expected. But again, it’s what needs to be done. If you’ve never needed to stick a needle into your own stomach, count your blessings.

Starting to be able to get around better on crutches. I’ve got a walker and a wheelchair, but the crutches are a lot faster. I was worried about losing my balance at first, but it’s getting easier the more I use them.

Oh, and I’m all moved into my new place. I was in the middle of moving when I got hit, but that got scrapped because the apartment wasn’t wheelchair-accessible. So in addition to recovering from surgery and everything else, I was staying in a hotel room with my parents, who drove in from Indianapolis, while I tried to find a new place ASAP. But now it’s all good. It worked out better than I’d hoped. It’s kind of weird, moving 600 miles away just to go back to blogging from home. But I can think of worse jobs.

Thanks to everybody who’s called and e-mailed and tweeted and sent cards and letters and goodies. It helps more than you know.

As for what’s next… we’ll see.

Jim Treacher