SoHo House trying to up its exclusive nature

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First it was a purge of the suits — now Soho House is getting rid of the people who wear them.

The exclusive club in the Meatpacking District — patterned after its British ancestor as a haven for power players in movies and media — is kicking out hundreds of members to cull a crowd that’s gotten more corporate than cool.

Not even longstanding members have been spared.

“It is so disrespectful,” harumphed one disgruntled ex-member who joined in the club’s first year, entertaining movie stars and presidents there.

“I can’t even get anyone responsible on the phone to tell me why they didn’t renew my membership.”

About 500 members have been purged so far and another 500 may be on the chopping block soon, said Nick Jones, who founded the original Soho House in London in 1995.

“We are trying to get the club back to its creative roots,” Jones told The Post.

And its exclusive cachet.

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