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You can save a* life today

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My boss goes on television and says things. From The Hill:

Conservative pundit Tucker Carlson believes that it is impossible to live without sex. Well, not really. But he did say it.

During an appearance last week on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, Carlson joked that “study after study” has shown that “you can’t survive without sex.”

Carlson was commenting on Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons’s (R) recent claim that he hasn’t had sex in 15 years. Gibbons, who is married, reportedly made the assertion in response to allegations by a cocktail waitress that the governor groped her in a Las Vegas parking lot…

The pundit, who recently founded the The Daily Caller, said, “You can’t survive without sex for that long. You die.”

At the risk of incurring Tucker’s Mr. Carlson’s wrath, this assertion can be disproven with one word:


P.S. The boss is also interviewed at the Columbia Journalism Review today. Sample quote: “I’m not running around whining about media bias, because I think it’s both pointless and unattractive, and I hate whining—that’s why I’m not a liberal in the first place.”

P.P.S. I have to highlight this question from CJR’s Greg Marx:

Yesterday the big story was the White House budget announcement. It was the lead story on your page and the lead story at Huffington Post. Click through at their site and you get the AP story. Click through at yours and it’s a staff-written story. Why is that the best allocation of resources, to write the initial day-one story that’s available in other places?

Keep in mind that this is appearing in the Columbia Journalism Review.


Jim Treacher